Inked Fitness Angel – Angelica Anderson


We absolutely love to write about strong, motivated and successful women. Angelica Anderson, the Russian tattoo and fitness model is certainly one of them.

For sure, Angelica doesn’t spend her day watching movies on the sofa. She became popular through her awesome workout videos on YouTube. Angelica can be seen in numerous videos showing her training sessions, as a motivation for others.

Amazing workout videos

Angelica’s motivation videos are all over the internet showing her lifting weights, and boy does she work hard. She publishes slow motion videos of her jumping, kicking and pushing up heavy tires. You can literally see every muscle working, especially in the hot close up shots.

Angelica Anderson is very intriguing with her large scale tattoos. You can see watercolor tattoos, little ornamental flowers and fine linework tattoos. Her designs flow over her sculpted body as one whole undivided piece of art. You can see octopus tentacles, transforming into wings or flowers.

Her tattoos continue over her lower stomach and her right leg. She has a gun tattooed on her hand and a cross in the middle of her upper back. You can see skulls, lettering and many more small details if you look carefully.

Beautiful linework

We really like the effect of thin and gentle linework, combined with dark shaded colors. Blue, green, brick red, an amazing color palette adorns Angelica’s body. Her tattoos are quite artistic, you don’t often see a model with such free and innovative tattoos.

But enough talking, let’s start looking at her amazing tattoos. Be sure to check Angelica Anderson out on YouTube and let her motive you with her inspiring videos.

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