Inked Magazine Unveils New Look, Expanding Reach and Embracing New Interests


New York, NY – Inked™, the world’s largest tattoo culture media brand, announced a brand elevation initiative that reflects its commitment to celebrating individual expression and creative culture. The direction is to extend its global reach to audiences and embark on a thrilling journey of expansion, exploring new areas of interest while staying true to its roots. The company aims to broaden its reach from tattoos, fashion, music, art, and pop culture to add automotive, wine and spirits, dining, watches and jewelry, health, technology, resorts and spas, and more.

“We are thrilled to unveil Inked Magazine’s new branding elevation as we enter a new era of creative expression and cultural revolution,” said Pete Vanderveen, President of Inked Magazine. “This initiative truly reflects who we are as a brand and what we stand for. By expanding into new areas of interest, Inked can maintain its core focus on tattoos while broadening its appeal and attracting a more diverse readership. This evolution will not only keep the magazine relevant in a rapidly changing media landscape but also create exciting opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and community-building within the tattoo and related industries.”

Inked has always been a trailblazer, so this new initiative is the natural progression. While tattoos remain its core focus, the world of body art is interconnected with various art forms and subcultures. By venturing into these related realms, Inked can not only diversify its content for its current 56 million dedicated followers but also tap into broader audiences who share similar interests. The new initiative incorporates a fresh and modern look that captures the essence of the magazine.

Inked is the only global tattoo and lifestyle brand that offers a diverse range of content to its readers. Since the tattoo industry has been rapidly shifting to encompass mainstream white- and blue-collar individuals, tattoos are no longer fringe and rebellious but mainstream and expressive.

“At Inked, we are committed to conveying our passion without compromising who we are,” Vanderveen added. “We are confident that our new branding will resonate with our readers and advertising partners to help us continue to be a global household name.”

The elevated branding initiative is being rolled out across Inked Magazine’s digital and print platforms, including its website, social media, and other digital channels.

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