Introducing the 2023 Inked Cover Girl Charlie Raye


Etching Her Story Into the World, One Inked Chapter at a Time

Photographer:Christopher Kolk

Writer:Anne-Marie Pritchett

Location:Elysium Studios | Grand Junction,

COPhotography + Lighting Assistant:Katherine Payne

Wardrobe:Jennifer Daniels (lead) + London Carr (assistant)

Hair:Ammon Carver (lead) + Jessica Bishop (assistant)Make-Up:Melissa Evans (lead) + Sarah Smith (assistant)

Production:Noelle Brandt + Shea Montano

Introducing the 2023 Inked Cover Girl Charlie Raye

Charlie Raye, the sultry and adventurous 2023 Inked Cover Girl, hails from the heart of Colorado but recently traded the mountains for the electrifying skyline of Chicago. At 28, she’s a captivating blend of a free spirit, avid traveler, entrepreneur, dog lover, fitness fanatic, and a self-proclaimed foodie. Charlie’s tattoos tell a seductive tale of her life’s journey, with each one adding to the allure of her existence. Charlie’s tattoos are not just ink on her skin but a canvas of her soul’s journey, and she’s an artist painting her life story with every design. From sentimental pieces that reflect her past to spontaneous and daring ink that celebrates the thrill of the moment, her tattoos embody her vibrant spirit. One standout favorite is a majestic willow tree, symbolizing her adaptability and resilience in the face of life’s storms. She revels in spontaneity, balancing her structured life with these impulsive and expressive works of art. Charlie got her first tattoo at the age of 16, a bold start with Indian ink, and over the years, her tattoos evolved from the sentimental to the whimsical, each one holding a unique story of self-expression.

Charlie’s allure extends beyond her inked canvas; she’s a natural beauty, witty and funny, and she has a positive outlook on life. She’s a model, a mom of two little dogs, and a passionate advocate for her fitness regimen. But it’s her unwavering determination to succeed that truly sets her apart. She’s driven by the desire to secure her financial future. Charlie is a self-promoter and entrepreneur with her companion business and content creation — a true hustler who’s also ventured into real estate investments. She is the definition of a true business professional.

With soothing rituals like steaming, skincare (including incorporating rosewater into her routine), daily exercise, vitamins, and a healthy/balanced meal, Charlie’s mornings are the springboard for a successful day. She believes in starting early and embracing the power of structure. Her features are a captivating blend of Italian, Spanish, and Irish ancestry, and she attributes her Italian descent to her father. Charlie is a woman who values intelligence, kindness, wit, and pushing boundaries in all aspects of life.

Instagram / X (Twitter): @mscharlieraye |

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