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Roc Nation rapper Kalan.FrFr is a walking work of art. His body is adorned with 25 tattoos that all have meaning, telling stories of his life growing up in South Central, Los Angeles. While some people may view getting inked as self-destruction to the body, for others, it’s a way to preserve a memory or an outlet for expression. For Kalan.FrFr, it’s been a little bit of both: “I have a few tats I regret getting but they all represent a certain time in my life and have a personal meaning. But you got to be mindful of putting permanent ink on yourself of people’s names when the situation can be temporary.”

Over the last several years, the crooner has cemented his place among the top West Coast artists of this era. If he started as every Los Angeles street rapper’s go-to hook-man – a Nate Dogg for the new Southern California streets – he’s evolved into a multi-faceted songwriting virtuoso. Much like the lyrical content found in Kalan.FrFr’s music, getting tatted involves both pleasure and pain as well as a little bit of rebellion. “My very first experience with ink came from Trap House in Compton. My mom wanted to be mad when I got a tat but she couldn’t. It was a tribute to my grandmother. I even sold my PS3 to get it.” The king of cool has ink located on his chest, forearms, hands and shoulders yet he says with a laugh, “my next tattoo is going to be a cover-up.” 

Kalan.FrFr recently inked the words “No Hard Feelings” across his upper abdomen in a large, decorative font. That mantra is also the name of his forthcoming musical offering. Kalan.FrFr took time off from promoting his current EP “Not Hard 2 Understand” to speak with Inked Magazine and we had the opportunity to chop it up with the rising melodic hip hop star whose artistry mirrors his ink- bold, inspiring and fly.

Do you remember getting your first tattoo? What was that experience like?


I got my first tattoo in a trap house in Compton and I traded for a Play Station 3. It was fun as hell. I wasn’t supposed to do it… my mama was mad as shit at me when I got home but she couldn’t trip because the tattoo was for my grandma. 

We know you got “No Hard Feelings” tattooed. Can you tell us a little bit about what that phrase means?

No hard feelings is more like a way of life. With this tattoo, I got to not only symbolize the album meaning but also to remind myself it doesn’t make you a bad person or arrogant to show that you’re great. I can’t feel bad for being myself or downplay any of my accomplishments.

Tell us about the tattooed words in Arabic on your body and the translation?

My tattoos in Arabic mean “your faith has to be greater than your fear.” I feel like that’s pretty self-explanatory. Go get it every day.

Any tattoos you regret getting and why?

Yeah, I have tattoos I regret getting, you shouldn’t get permanent things to symbolize people that are temporary.


When you think about iconic tattoos in hip-hop, who/what comes to mind?

When it comes to iconic music tattoos, I usually think about The Marathon Continues Nipsey Hussle tats and Michael Jackson pieces as I feel like those are the fires tattoos that relate to music.

Tell us a little bit about your latest single “Don’t Move” with Tay B and why you chose him and Quavo as the only features on your EP?

The song “Don’t Move” is fire and I chose Quavo & Tay B to work with because they’re both legit. Tay B is the gang for real so it’s a given, plus I only want to work with the rappers that want to work with me. I ain’t with all the fake friendship shit. 

You’ve already worked with legendary producers like Mustard and Hitmaka. Who is another producer you haven’t worked with but would love to work with?

I want to work with Pharrell, he’s the GOAT in my eyes and I don’t think that will ever change. 

Do you ever wish you had pursued professional football or are you glad you stuck with music? 

No, I don’t feel like I should’ve played football. I know I would have made a-lot of you not sleeping not sleeping not asleep. I’m actually tired right now money. Don’t ask the only reason why but I’m pretty sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m being able to help more people this way than I ever would have. 

Do you have your next tattoo planned out? What will it be?

My next tattoo is going to be a cover up.


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