Kate Beckinsale Shares Tattoo Portrait of Her Beloved Cat Clive


Part of the reason we love tattoos is the way they can help us work through grief. On a surface level it seems kind of silly that a drawing on your skin could have a substantial, almost medical, effect on our mental state, but they do. There is something about having a permanent reminder etched into your skin that allows you to move on that’s unexplainable until you’ve experienced it.

Kate Beckinsale lost her beloved cat, Clive, in June, and this past weekend she visited Dr. Woo to get a tattoo honoring her favorite feline.

In her caption to the post, Beckinsale wrote “This has really helped. Thank you, Dr. Woo.”

After spending nearly 20 years with a pet, it can be difficult to let them go. Although people often like to minimize their importance, the bond people develop with their pet can be just as strong, if not stronger than any forged between two humans. There is an innocence to animals that simply doesn’t exist among humans, so the grieving process can be long and difficult.

We’re pleased to see that Beckinsale has found a way to celebrate the companion who gave her so much joy for many years. And, as usual, Dr. Woo did an amazing job with the tattoo. Clive had a pleasant and long life, which is all any of us can hope for, and he is clearly greatly missed. Here’s to hoping that the tattoo will help Beckinsale remember him every day.

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