Liam Payne Shows Off Empowering New Chest Tattoo


Former One Direction member Liam Payne just debuted an uplifting new chest piece. Written from end-to-end on his upper chest the tattoo reads “Where dark meets light” in a gothic font, the indent of his sternum splitting the phrase into two equal parts. Rather than having all the letters filled in, Payne went for an ombre effect that rises from dark to light, perfectly embodying the piece’s message. 

The tattoo was done this week in London in a collaborative effort between artists Miles Langford and Pablo, who goes by Certified Letter Boy. Langford’s expertise in black-and-grey micro realism combined with Pablo’s fineline typography came together beautifully. The piece joins Payne’s already prolific tattoo collection filling both of his arms, with this being his first venture onto the chest.

The singer’s tattoo appears to come at a poignant time in his life. This past Saturday, Payne uploaded a video to his YouTube channel for the first time in over a year titled “I’m Back…” in which he addresses controversial behaviors exhibited in recent years, as well as the tumultuous journey to his current six-month period of sobriety. “I kind of became someone I didn’t recognize anymore,” he shares. “And I’m sure you guys didn’t either.” Later in the video, Payne expresses the relief he feels in not needing these things anymore, adding that the “party’s over.”

Above all, Payne expressed gratitude for those who’ve stuck by him, as well as for the ability to use art and music as his escape. With Payne coming to terms with his past and embracing a new, healthy era in his life, it only seems right to mark the occasion with some ink. Here’s to hoping that Payne is able to embrace a lot more light coming his way. 

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