Lil Uzi Vert Reveals Elegant Forehead Tattoo


Emo rapper Lil Uzi Vert may have finally gone completely off the rails. Well, he’s always been pretty unhinged, but his foot has been hard-pressed on the gas pedal lately. While the rapper is known for his strikingly bold alterations made to his appearance—sporting off-the-wall hairstyles, facial piercings, diamond forehead implants and tattoos—he just donned himself with perhaps his most visible piece of ink yet. 

On Tuesday, Uzi showed off his newest tattoo, a black-and-grey mandala across his forehead. The elegant symbol is dressed with tiny white highlights and dotted strings draping from each point, the longest of which reaches in between his eyebrows and nearly intersects with his bridge piercing. Notably, the design is blasted over a handful of forehead tattoos Uzi already possessed. One commenter on hidden.ny’s Instagram post debuting the tattoo said, “Bro layers tattoos like cars layer body paint.”

The ink was done by none other than celebrity tattooer Yatzil Elizalde, who has tattooed a plethora of big names from Rita Ora to Jake Paul. She’s known for her surreal and ethereal pieces, spanning from butterflies to angels and mermaids. Her newest work on Uzi displays the same level of intricacy, with another commenter noting they’re “glad he’s getting actual good work done now.”


Uzi’s forehead tattoo was done shortly after his stomach-churning tongue tattoo—an inverted cross that checks out as on brand for the contentious rapper who often promotes Satanic themes in his music, style and stage name itself, despite denying accusations of such behavior in the past.


If you’ve been following Uzi’s escapades, you might remember that back in February 2021, he had a $24 million pink diamond implanted into his forehead. The stone was ripped out by fans at a Rolling Loud performance several months later, but he still has the scar to prove its existence. Whether this new embellishment was an attempt to cover up the procedure’s remnants or something he just thought looked cool, it’s definitely not going anywhere this time.

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