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When you are looking for makeup that will cover tattoos, this time I will give you some reference. Indeed, a tattoo can be a work of art in the body. However, there may be certain moments that make you want to cover it up. Or, how to hide tattoos from parents. It is possible that you have to attend an event official or you simply regret an impulsive decision when making a tattoo.

Makeup That Will Cover Tattoos

Whatever the reason, actually the decorative cosmetics we normally use on our face is just makeup that will cover tattoos for temporary. Check out the tips from makeup artist (MUA) Ana Marie Rizzieri and Erin Guth who sometimes choose to cover their tattoo. Like according to Amaal, the beauty-enthusiast that agrees with it.

So, how to cover a tattoo with camouflage makeup? They recommend some concealer and foundation which are able to cover the kind of tattoo that is quite complicated.

Makeup That Will Cover Tattoos Section Hard to Reach

Several time Rizzieri makeup Stylist request to makeup to hide tattoos for the model of Vicotoria’s Secret. He suggested the use of the Dermablend cosmetics Makeup Forever or Stick.

“The bar shape will making it more easily applied on parts of the body that are hard to reach,” said.

Its products that are not easily fading according to Erin Guth also have experience with makeup that will cover tattoos on an actor in a film shooting. He chose the Total Tattoo Coverage by Jordane. In his opinion this product is quite durable and easy to blends. In addition, the product also doesn’t easily fade or attaches to another place after applied.

Tattoo Makeup Concealer

The beauty of the tattoo art can keep you addict. But have you ever thought of the negative impact of tattoos? Think about if you want to go on a job interview or meet anyone important. Too many tattoos on the body gives the impression of a gangster, it will affect to your profession.

There are many ways to apply makeup that will cover tattoos in the body. By wearing a long sleeve shirt, blazer, jacket or scarf, but you may not wear it all if it is wearing dress or summer fashion.

How to cover a tattoo with camouflage makeup? The answer, following tips makeup that will cover tattoos bellow.

How to Cover a Raised Tattoo with Makeup

The first step you to know when you pay for cosmetics that will effectively this makeup to hide tattoos.

“Start with color concealer which is much lighter than your natural color. It will important to makeup that will cover tattoos” says Brandi Maynard, a professional makeup artist in the LeBliss Salon and Spa in Louisville, Ky.

You also need a second concealer with some color but darker than the first. So, you can use both for the best coverage without spending a lot of money for some color foundation. Bronze or brown color will work well for your dark color, said Maynard.

Dermablend is a great concealer as makeup that can cover tattoos. This is used by the artist as a tattoo cover makeup, said Maynard, and designed to offer the folds is thick and makeup to hide tattoos, birthmarks, and scars.

You will also need to buy invisibility powder for use as the makeup that will cover tattoos. For a good quality powder that makes covering up, Matt recommended a brand of Makeup For Ever.

You do not need special or expensive tools as apply makeup to hide tattoos, to use a sponge or just your fingers and a big brush to clean the powder it, added Maynard.

Tattoo Makeup Concealer Products

The concealer Products are also quite effective to use for makeup that will cover tattoos. Amaal recommends the use of primer first and then use foundation and concealer. For the last time also need with a setting spray so that its products are not easily fade.


Amaal’s reliable products include the Dermacol Foundation, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, and Colourpop’s No Filter Concealer.

A smooth face without blemishes often makes women feel more beautiful and confident. No wonder, they often covering the acne scars, large pores, or wrinkles with concealer. There are many brands of cosmetics on the market offering a wide array of reliable concealer. But it was closing all the depending on the face.

Some of them can even disguise the look of a tattoo. Concealer has become an important item belonging to makeup that will cover tattoos at certain times. Is there makeup to cover up tattoos? Try it in several ways below:

Use Concealer

Concealer at generally use to cover black under eyes and blemishes of acne scars. If your tattoo is still visible after wear foundation, then concealer will do its job for the next layer.

For those of you who have a small tattoo, it could also wear concealer only, with no need to wear Foundation.

Using foundation

Foundation is the first step you do to use makeup that will cover tattoos. You must to have some color Foundation, and mix it to get a color that fits. You need to apply well in layers until it is completely covering all of tattoos.

Use Talc powder

Talc powder cannot be used as makeup that will cover tattoos, but this serves to refine. After wear Foundation and concealer, the skin will look a bit shiny, to visible and create a more natural look, use a powder puff.

How to Cover a Tattoo With Camouflage Makeup

How to use makeup that will cover tattoos begins with cleaning with care. It will give you a fresh palette for your makeup application. Start to cover the tattoo in a way; gently aggravate the light-colored layer of concealer. Use a makeup sponge or your fingertips until it looks smooth.

Be careful not to apply makeup that will cover tattoos, says Maynard, or you will just push a product without getting good coverage. Using blotting techniques will also help you to save your makeup products and make it last longer. Let the concealer dry. Then, use your powder brush to apply a light layer of translucent powder over it.

For the next layer, add a little concealer to darker concealer light and combine the two in the Palm of your hand. Gently clean blend mixture over the tattoo until smooth, and then dust with powder opaque.

This makeup that will cover tattoos with the layering products, you can add darker concealer. The number of layers you need depends on your tattoo. After your tattoo is pretty covering and blend with your skin. Finish your work with a little spray of hairspray. “It makes it a little more and sometimes helps to become transferable,” says Maynard. Be careful while makeup that will cover tattoos on you, do not even wear off or rub it, stay away of furniture rubbing, or anything else you might rub.

You can keep the secret a tattoo without spending a lot of money to expensive makeup, stylist makeup or hire to do it for you.Invest in some good makeup products, use them sparingly, and show off your skin without fear of someone finding your tattoo. Because you are using makeup that will cover tattoos at its best.

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