Megan Fox Covers up Tattoo She Got for Ex Brian Austin Green


If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a million times—name tattoos are the kiss of death for any relationship. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule and not all name tattoos end in heartbreak, but even an iconic starlet like Megan Fox was unable to avoid the name tattoo curse. On Tuesday, a little more than four years after filing for divorce from actor Brian Austin Green, Fox had the tattoo of his name covered up with a cosmic snake and flowers.

The tattoo was done by Jesse at SY ZY GY Precision Tattooing in Los Angeles. “Was able to completely hide the old tattoo underneath the new snake and flowers she wanted…” the tattooer wrote in the caption of their Instagram post, “very grateful for all of the opportunity  tattooing has given me and all of the cool people I’ve met along the way. Thanks for your trust.” Even if you take a close look it’s nearly impossible to see the “Brian” that lay below, making this an extremely good cover up by Jesse.

While things may not have worked out with Brian or with the “Brian” tattoo, Fox clearly isn’t afraid of having her feelings tattooed into her skin as she got a tattoo honoring her current flame, MGK, back in 2020. Fox may have learned her lesson though, because instead of getting his name tattooed she had “El Pistolero” tattooed onto her clavicle. If things go sour with MGK in the future, Fox can always pretend that her tattoo that translates to “The Gunman” was actually for Antonio Banderas given her professed adoration for his role in Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi trilogy. You know, because even though he was called the Mariachi he really was much more of a gunman, especially given the impressive body count he racked up throughout the three films? [Editor’s note: This is a stretch and you know it]

I digress. The point is that Fox had a tattoo she wasn’t super into any longer given its meaning, and she found a way to turn a constant bad memory into a beautiful piece she’ll never end up regretting. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

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