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The “Unalome Millionaire Heart” design is a Sak Yant (also known as “Thai traditional”) design

In Thai script it is written as ยันต์ฉัตรเพชรหัวใจเศรษฐี

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Although it is a beautiful piece of art, it has a deeper meaning too

It is a spiritual emblem that harnesses the power to transform the life of the person who wears it, especially in the areas of commerce, business and trade


Unalomes are much more than delicate spirals and lines, they’re symbolic diagrams of a spiritual journey

Beginning at the base, the spirals depict life’s challenging path, filled with trials, tribulations, and lessons to be learned

As the curves ascend, they signify the moments of clarity and insight gained from these trials

The straight path at the pinnacle symbolizes the moment we achieve enlightenment, signifying harmony and inner peace

In the context of the Millionaire Heart, the unalome not only signifies personal enlightenment but also casts a radiant glow of success and prosperity onto tasks undertaken by the person who wears it, especially those rooted in trade and commerce


The letters in the design are written in a language called “Khom”

Khom is not just a script; it’s a reservoir of spiritual wisdom and history

Originating from the ancient Brahmi script of India, Khom has journeyed across nations and religions, cementing its significance particularly in Buddhist and Hindu traditions

The intricate characters are more than just something to look nice, they resonate with age-old mantras and blessings

The script’s presence in a Sak Yant design like “Unalome Millionaire Heart” amplifies the tattoo’s intent, channeling auspicious energies and spiritual potency

It speaks of a connection to ancestral wisdom, promising to not only protect but to shower prosperity upon the wearer

The letters themselves aren’t written in a way we can “read” in a traditional sense

They are inserted into the design by the original Sak Yant master (which are known as Ajarn) for a specific purpose

Their meanings are passed down over generations to their apprentices

Our Sak Yant designs are sourced from well known Ajarns and checked for correctness

So while we can’t tell you what it “says”, we are able to give you an explanation about the meaning behind it


A protective talisman at its core, the Millionaire Heart holds the power to pave the way for success, particularly in ventures in the area of trade and commerce

When embarking on a new business or investing in a commercial venture, having this Sak Yant amplifies your chances of success, acting as a beacon of prosperity

It not only enhances the outcome of your ventures but also equips you with an ability to foresee obstacles, manage challenges effectively, and make decisions that propel you forward

The power of the Millionaire Heart extends beyond monetary gain; it radiates positive energy that magnetizes goodwill, trust, and beneficial partnerships in the business realm


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