Model and Tattoo Artist – Sara Fabel


We love to write about beautiful and creative women. Finish tattooist and model, Sara Fabel fits this description perfectly.

With her perfect measurements, original black work tattoos and conceptual attitude about life, Sara breaks the limits.

Sara is 29 years old and originates from Helsinki, where she spent her early years. Her life story has taken her around the world. Spending time living in Australia and now the US. Sara’s passion about art seems to have decided her future.

She took part in an exchange program, where her love for Australia was formed. She continued to study photography and animation. Then in 2007, she decided to move to Australia permanently, to pursue her career as an illustrator and artist.

Sara Fabel’s Boom Time

Sara’s star started to shine bright in 2009, after a few years of self-promoting on social media. She shared her photos and illustrations, building a huge audience and many true fans, of both her work and beauty. Sara took an apprenticeship in 2012 to learn tattooing, experimenting with her art on a different surface.

Sara Fabel has featured in many publications for tattoos and fashion, featuring her persona as tattooist and model. Magazines such as, Tattoos Downunder, Inked Magazine, Custom tattooz, Tattoo Society and Bound by Ink. Today Sara has somewhat retired from modelling now, focusing more on high-end fashion collaborations, while living in the US.

Sara Fabel’s unique tattoo style can be described as strongly graphic and very artistic. She uses only black ink, creating designs which remind of etchings and woodcuts. She doesn’t use shading in the traditional way, instead covers the skin with rasters and textures.

Her favorite subjects are animals, especially birds, geometrical or mathematic elements, symbols and bold graphic depictions of bones and flesh. Sara is not that known for her charity work, but she participates in many fundraising campaigns and she widely supports animal rights. Much respect from us there then.

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