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Moon tattoos, inspired by the lunar phases, are a trendy form of body art

They typically depict crescent or full moon designs and may include other symbols related to the moon such as stars, clouds, and celestial bodies

People get these tattoos to symbolize their connection to the moon’s energy or simply for their aesthetic appeal

Whichever the reason, moon tattoos are a distinct and impressive way of expressing oneself through body art


The moon has been a symbol of great importance throughout history, with many ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, believing in its power and significance

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis was often depicted as a lunar deity and the full moon was associated with her power and wisdom

Similarly, the ancient Greeks associated the moon with the goddess Artemis and the Romans with their goddess Luna

In ancient China, the moon was seen as a symbol of yin energy, representing femininity, darkness, and the subconscious

It was believed to hold special power and was associated with the idea of completion and perfection

Many ancient cultures also linked the moon to time and used the lunar calendar, based on the moon’s cycles, to mark time and predict events such as eclipses and optimal planting times

In many spiritual and religious beliefs, the moon is closely tied to the spiritual realm, and is believed to have the power to connect individuals with the divine

The full moon is often viewed as a time of heightened spiritual energy, and rituals and ceremonies are frequently held during this phase

The moon’s symbolism has a deep and rich history that has spanned across cultures and beliefs and continues to hold significance for many people today


Moon tattoos can hold a range of meanings, depending on the specific design and context. Some popular interpretations include:

  • Intuition and emotion: As the moon is often linked to intuition, emotion, and the subconscious, a moon tattoo may symbolize a connection to these aspects of oneself
  • Change and growth: The waxing and waning of the moon is often used as a symbol of change and personal development, so a moon tattoo may represent the wearer’s own journey and the transformations they have experienced
  • Femininity: The moon is often associated with femininity and goddesses, so a moon tattoo may be a way to celebrate and honor femininity and female power
  • Spirituality: The full moon is often associated with spiritual energy, so a moon tattoo may symbolize a connection to spirituality and the supernatural
  • Time: The cycles of the moon are used to mark the passage of time, so a moon tattoo may represent the fleeting nature of life


Moon tattoo designs can vary greatly, from a single crescent or full moon, to a series of phases, or even combined with other celestial bodies like stars and planets

Some individuals may incorporate other symbols such as flowers, animals, or elements that hold personal significance to them

Moon tattoos can be done in realistic or stylized, abstract designs

The size and placement of the tattoo can also add to the meaning and significance of the tattoo for the wearer



Realistic Style

When aiming to depict the moon in a realistic manner, these types of designs are often paired with elements such as astronauts or other space-themed imagery to symbolize the scientific aspect of the moon


Minimalistic Style

This style features simple and minimalistic lines, usually depicting a simplified outline of one of the moon’s phases, with minimal shading and detail. It’s ideal for a delicate and small tattoo that represents the symbolic femininity of the moon


Red Moon

The red moon holds a powerful symbolism, often representing change, transformation, and rebirth

The color red is associated with emotions such as passion and power, and the occurrence of a red moon is considered a significant event

Many spiritual beliefs hold that the red moon is a time of heightened spiritual energy and is associated with the idea of transformation and rebirth

Some people believe that the red moon can connect them with the divine and that it is a time for self-reflection and introspection


Watercolor Style

Watercolor moon tattoos incorporate the imagery of the moon with the fluid, ethereal aesthetic of watercolor art

This style features soft, blending colors and a loose, flowing brushstroke that creates a dreamy, ephemeral look

The use of watercolor can add depth and emotion to the tattoo, highlighting the connection to intuition and the subconscious that is often associated with the moon

Additionally, the watercolor style is often associated with art and creativity, so a watercolor moon tattoo may symbolize the wearer’s artistic expression or connection to the creative process


Moon Mandalas

Moon mandalas symbolize unity and completeness, as the circular shape of the mandala represents the infinite and the presence of the moon within it symbolizes the cyclical nature of life

They can also stand for balance, inner peace and self-discovery

The intricate designs can serve as a tool for the mind to focus on and aid the individual in their journey of self-discovery


Sun and Moon Designs

Sun and moon tattoos are frequently chosen to symbolize the balance between two contrasting elements

Both the sun and the moon hold great significance in various cultures and religions, and are often used to depict the duality of life

The sun is commonly associated with vitality, strength, and radiance, while the moon is associated with enigma, emotional intelligence and femininity

Together, the sun and moon can signify equilibrium between light and dark, masculine and feminine, and the balance between the conscious and the subconscious


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