Neck Tattoos For Men Are Amazing – Challenge Accepted


Yes, men’s neck tattoos are a growing trend and there is a reason why. It’s cool and it just looks like nothing else.

Of course, there was a time that visible tattoos weren’t all that popular. In the last two decades, tattoos, in general, are living a true Renaissance. In fact, today is pretty much the best time to get tattooed in any place you want, and have minimal problems with it.

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Ink is so common these days, that more and more businesses and jobs are very accepting and positive when it comes to visible skin art.

Extreme Beauty

Of course, some still see neck tattoos as a bit extreme. And, somehow, they are. You have to be really committed to getting one, mainly because it is a sensitive area.

Men’s Tattoo Ideas

The neck is generally one of the painful places to get tattooed. The skin is thin and delicate there. It isn’t particularly easy to land a precise design there, either. It takes an experienced and steady-handed artist to execute a great neck tattoo.

Are Men’s Neck Tattoos Becoming a Trend?

Then why are more and more people wanting to get a tattoo there? Well, that’s easy! It just looks cool, even a bit extreme. Men’s neck tattoos take a real dedication, but when done right, they almost always look exciting and beautiful.

Get Inspiration

Looking for inspiration? Let’s see some amazing examples of creative neck tattoos!

A neck tattoo doesn’t have to be really big to have a great impact. Sometimes smaller, delicate pieces are the best. Many people prefer a sensitive detail tattooed on the neck. Of course, many men take the whole nine yards. Getting a full neck tattoo may take some time, but the results can be breathtaking.

You can really experiment with the whole range of colours, styles, and placement. Black and grey works wonders, but full-colour designs also look amazing. Of course, as with all tattoos, the most important thing is for you to like it. Neck tattoos that correspond with other ink styles over the body (chest, arms, etc.) can make an amazing body-suit type of feel.

Challenge Accepted

Tattoos on the neck are undoubtedly a very noticeable thing. Choose your design and style wisely and you can have an amazing art piece to wear for the rest of your life.

Now let’s take some time to appreciate some really exquisite examples of great men’s neck tattoos.

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