Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Daughter Breaks Down Over New Tattoo of Late Father


Taniqua Jones, daughter of late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, celebrated Father’s Day by copping some new ink honoring her beloved father.

As Jones admires the finished piece in the mirror, she can hardly hide her flow of tears. Also present at the session was Jones’ sister, Shaquita Jones and her mother, Icelene Jones, who comforts her daughter throughout the video as she expresses overwhelming excitement and gratitude.

The tattoo was completed by Honey B White at Cypress Ink Studios in Oregon. On the day of the event, Jones shared several videos to Instagram taking us along the journey of acquiring her ink. In one, Jones shrieks with glee at the design she is shown before starting the session. The design depicts a realistic portrait of her father with “ODB” painted above his head, as well as a mixtape tape in the lower left corner reading “THE GENIUS.” Behind him is a collage of honeycombs—36, to be exact.


“My story behind my tattoo is,” Jones explains, “my father passed away when he was 35, two days before his 36th birthday. He has an album called ‘Return to the 36 Chambers,’ so he returned to his 36th chamber.” Jones also explains that the part of the tattoo that reads “THE GENIUS” is a dedication to a song her father did with GZA, “Damage.” “It hits even harder because he passed away when he was my age, 35,” she continues. “So this tattoo means a lot to me.”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, whose real name was Russell Tyrone Jones, was one of the founding members and perhaps one of the most eccentric characters in the Wu-Tang Clan. Unmatched in his free-associative delivery, his professional career was hindered by legal battles and incarceration, as well as mental and substance abuse issues. The rapper died of an accidental drug overdose on November 13, 2004.

Since his passing, ODB’s legacy has been carried on through his family, friends and fellow Wu-Tang Clan members. On March 31, 2022, the A&E Network announced that an Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopic was in the works. The documentary will celebrate ODB’s impact as well as his turbulent life involving addiction, adultery, mental health and the impacts of sudden wealth. “I am thrilled to tell the full story of my husband,” shared Icelene Jones with The Hollywood Reporter. “With this documentary, the world will learn about the son, husband, father and artist.” Though the rapper was taken too soon, his legacy will continue to be immortalized through all forms of art—film and ink included.

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