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Have you ever stepped into a room and felt a shift in the air? Did all of your hairs stand in attention? Thinking to yourself, something doesn’t feel quite right here? As those goosebumps coiled themselves around your fear-addled body and your heart went blaring in your chest, just know that renowned TikTok medium, Kelsi Davies, is all too familiar with that feeling of other-worldliness.  

Conscious of her spiritual abilities for nearly her entire life, it wasn’t until fairly recently that the social media icon felt comfortable and confident enough to share her gifts with the world. The rising star recognizes the struggles that come with her unique abilities, having accepted herself on her own terms and on her own timeline. Quickly amassing nearly seven million followers across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, Davies has built her career around mental health advocacy, not only for others like her, but for everyone. The social media guru aims to educate and encourage others to trust their gut and interpret the signs around them. 

You’re a modern-day triple threat. You’re a content creator, actress and psychic medium. How does your psychic ability play into your career in front of the screen? 

I feel like a lot of my intuition has led me on different paths during this journey. I do different things and it’s always intuitively or divinely led. That’s why I always describe my path like a snake. It isn’t just a straight line. I trust the universe so much that I just let it take over and I just do what I feel I need to do.


Can you tell us a little bit about your personal experiences as a medium and how it altered the course of your life?

Ever since I was little, I would have dreams of entities visiting me—spirits, people who have passed on. I always thought it was normal. I thought everyone had these experiences. I would also dream of things before they would happen. One time, there was a fire that was by our house, and I predicted the fire. I told my mom about the dream I had the night before, and then the fire was on the hill that I had described the next day. I would see things, but they would scare me, so I blocked out my mediumship for a long time. 

What was it that made you feel like, “I need to keep this down?”

It was something that I didn’t understand myself. Sharing it with other people while not understanding it myself, that’s a really hard thing to do. People start questioning you or they’ll be like, “prove it.” Or they’ll say, “you’re crazy, you’re seeing things.” Once I was able to really start understanding mediumship and start building up my confidence to be able to share it online to a big audience, it changed my life.


Did you ever see yourself becoming a prominent figure within the modern day paranormal community?

When I started, I would doubt myself. Your ego steps in, but I always knew on a soul level that this was my path. This is what I was meant to do, and I knew that I was going to be successful doing it. I just didn’t know how or why. You know, all the little details behind it. 

Do you have any tattoos that are dedicated to your practice and your spiritual journey so far?  

My first tattoo was a geometrical shape because I would always have this recurring dream where there would be all these geometrical shapes and when they got disoriented, if I didn’t wake myself up before all these shapes got disoriented, I would wake up sick or something bad would happen. I think it was a vibrational thing on a spiritual level. I wanted to get a tattoo to just represent that dream and that spiritual aspect. 

How would you describe your tattoo journey? 

It’s kind of like timestamps. I haven’t gotten a sleeve or anything because a lot of them are just for me. It’s interesting, because I have a lot of geometrical shapes and eyes and I got these before I had a lot of these profound spiritual experiences. I already subconsciously knew about it, but I had it tattooed on me and it all just started making sense as I went on my spiritual journey. It’s almost like my tattoos predicted my spiritual journey, which is interesting and kinda crazy.

When you say that your tattoos predicted your spiritual journey without you even knowing it, do you think that is kind of like how your dreams can predict situations that are going to happen before they do? 

Yeah, I think so. At the end of the day, every single person is capable of tapping into that part of themselves. There’s people who refer to themselves as psychics or mediums because we’re just more open and connected. It’s all about opening yourself up to that aspect of yourself. Pay attention to your dreams or those gut instincts because that’s something that is indicative of your divine intuition.

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