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The Paed Tidt design is one that fits under the general category of “Sak Yant”, also known as “Thai Traditional” tattoos

It embodies spiritual guidance, protection and contains profound symbolism that runs deeply in the Thai culture

In this article we’re going to look at the significance of this design and some of the reasons why someone may choose to get it tattooed on their body


In Thai the word Paed (แปด) means “8” and the word Tidt (ทิศ) means “Directions”

This design is well recognized and iconic throughout Thailand and an important cornerstone in the Thai sacred tattoo tradition, known as Sak Yant

To learn more about Sak Yant as a style, we suggest you read our comprehensive page here 

The design features a geometric representation of the eight directions – North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West and North West

The design is believed to serve as a type of spiritual compass and provide guidance and protection in every direction

Each point of the Paed Tidt is associated with a specific Buddhist mantra

These mantras, often referred to as “Katha”, that accompany Sak Yant designs typically held as sacred and kept secret by the tattoo masters, known as Ajarns

These mantras are usually in Pali or Khom (an ancient Cambodian script) and not readily disclosed to the general public

Our Paed Tidt designs were sourced from well known and respected Ajarns and have been checked for correctness

Collectively, these mantras are believed to bestow blessings, protection, and good fortune upon the wearer, warding off negative energies and guiding them on their spiritual journey


The Paed Tidt tattoo symbolizes the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism

This is a core doctrine of the teaching with outlines the path to liberation and ultimately enlightenment

The design contains eight representations of the Buddha, each represented by three ovals, decreasing in size from the bottom to the top

In Thailand there are different Buddha images representing each day of the week, with Wednesday having two Buddhas: one for the morning and one for the evening

If you visit Thai temples you will often see these eight images and be given an opportunity to offer a blessing for each

Often people will focus on the Buddha for the day of the week they were born to ask for blessings in returns for an offering

The Paed Tidt servers as a physical reminder of the path to enlightenment and encourages the recipient to cultivate virtues such as wisdom, ethical conduct and mental discipline

As the Pead Tidt contains both protection and a compass in each direction it represents protection and guidance in all areas of life

It is often considered an auspicious design for travelers, adventurers and those who are embarking on a new journey in their life

The mantras serve as a spiritual shield and offer a sense of security and courage to face life’s uncertainties with courage and determination


Choosing to have a Pead Tidt tattoo is a very personal thing, however there are some common reasons why people choose this design

For many people who visit Thailand on their travels, they are captivated by the beauty and deeply ingrained spirituality and Buddhist influences throughout the country

So the design can serve as a reminder of an adventure of a lifetime, or a reminder of the beauty of the Thai culture

For some, they want to express their commitment to the principles of the Eightfold Path and seek guidance and protection on their journeys

For others, they find the design provides a reminder to seek out good fortune and positivity in their lives

Ultimately, the Paed Tidt is a beautiful design but it is also so much more than that

It can be a deeply personal and meaningful symbol to guide your faith and spiritual actions

We all need a reminder sometimes to align ourselves with the wisdom, guidance and protection of the eight directions, and it can be helpful to welcome the transformative power of this ancient design into your life.


There are many options for getting a Paed Tidt tattoo in Bangkok, many of which would be considered unsavory or even unsafe by Western Standards

You can read more about that here 

At ALL DAY Tattoo we follow the highest Western hygiene standards and are one of the few tattoo studios in Thailand who are fully licensed

Our central location within easy walking distance from the BTS (skytrain) system right in the heart of the city makes us convenient and easy to find

We have fluent English speaking staff on hand at all times to guide you through the process and to ensure there are no misunderstandings

All of our inks are high quality, branded and FDA approved inks imported from the USA, so you can be confident that your health isn’t at risk

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo while in Bangkok, message our friendly staff using any of the methods below and they’ll be happy to assist you

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