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Peace and love tattoo ,heart shape

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Many people are familiar with the peace sign and peace tattoo as one of the most visible icons of the 1970s, when protests against the Vietnam War were widespread and expressive. However, the humble peace symbol was born in 1958, a creation of the leader of a nuclear disarmament movement in London. 

Peace and love tattoo

Peace and love tattoos come in a wide variety, sometimes incorporating other familiar symbols of faith and love, such as a heart, flowers or doves, and other times by themselves as a simple statement.

Peace tattoo sign with hands

love tattoo : – Best Place to show your emotion 

Where did the peace symbol take shape?

The peace and love tattoo symbol took its shape at the traffic light, a method of ship-to-ship communication using colored flags. Holding flags in certain positions indicates letters of the English alphabet.

Holding a flag in each inverted V-shaped hand communicates the letter N, while holding an upward flag and a downward flag indicates the letter D. Together, these letters mean “Nuclear Disarmament”, and when the shapes overlap on one another they form the familiar form of the peace symbol.

Peace love and happiness Chinese tattoo

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Symbolic peace tattoo meaning

With the wars that continue abroad, pacifists and supporters of bringing our troops home can choose to have a peace tattoo placed in a visible place (such as an arm, wrist or shoulder) to express their yearning for peace.

Those with friends or family who serve in the army will sometimes add personal details, such as identification badges, a yellow ribbon (another symbol that encourages the safe return of the troops) and the name of loved ones who have fallen or been injured In the battle.

Although the physical symbol itself was created to discourage nuclear war, the meaning behind the word and the concept of peace is obviously much broader. For those who are going through a transformation, a difficult time in their lives, or simply taking steps to be a better person, peace sign tattoos can be a reminder of their goals.

The peace symbol tattoo combined with a dove or a heart worked on the image turns the anti-war symbol into something more personal.

Design variations

The peace sign can be decorated with many different images to make your tattoo more personal.

Faith hope love peace tattoo on neck and back

Peace and love tattoo ,heart shape

simple flower peace love tattoo

Some additions have included:

Creepers and flowers

Ironic symbols, as a sign of biological danger.


Fire / Air / Earth / Water

Camouflage patterns

Celtic or tribal patterns

A flag, usually the flag of the United States.

New Love symbol Tattoo Design

Incorporated in the familiar “arms” of the peace sign, these small ornaments can turn a universally known badge into something individualized. In general, additions are made to frame or highlight the peace symbol and not to hide it; Even surrounded by additional tattoo illustrations, a well-made peace symbol tattoo must be visible and prominent.

Unlike some tattoo designs that celebrate new fashions that may not last, the peace symbol has been popular for almost fifty years, loved by tattooed men and women from all walks of life. Simple enough to be drawn in any size, this sign can be easily recognized when drawing large or small. The basic form is easy to draw, which guarantees that even the most novice artists can apply it without any problem.

Peace symbols around the world

Peace Tattoo represents a pacifist understanding, on the one hand, while also offering a political statement. Peace tattoos have evolved into a full-blown movement that emphasizes corporate wellness over individualistic benefits. In addition to this, there is a possibility that peace tattoos are cleverly sweetened. The symbol of peace, the circular outline, is one of the most popular logos in human history.

The index and middle finger pointing up is another such gesture that is popular with contemporaries and has proven to be a great alternative. If you, as a person, are quite talented at making peace, then a peace tattoo is quite an appropriate pattern to think about. Although they are quite simple in design, they can be complemented with objects and quotes that are special to your heart.

Only the right components are needed to create a masterpiece. One more goal of the peace sign is to remind oneself of peaceful behavior that should be followed and imparted to people regardless of their race, gender, religion, and orientation.

semi permanent and permanent tattoo are supposed to be the trend in the coming future

Here are 5 cool peace tattoos with meaning and suggestions for your next tattoo expedition.

Religious Peace Tattoo

This calm yet reverent tattoo is on the merit list to get tattooed especially for people who possess strong belief in God and consider all religious doctrines equal. This work of art will have no words to express your trail of thoughts and your reverence and gratitude in a kind way. This tattoo pattern incorporates all the major religions of society and all of these symbols are exquisitely incorporated to spell the word “peace”. Not too creative?

Clock and nature

One needs to have unique ideas to make his tattoo stand out. In this pattern, the tree within the circle represents the peace logo. The three branches of the tree complete the symbol of peace. The irony is the clock in the middle of the tattoo and the mosaic of colors in the second half.

The unique combination of black and white along with a collage of beautiful colors adds depth to the entire design.

Musical Peace Tattoo

If you look closely, you will find that this is not a common musical symbol. This musical symbol contains the built-in peace symbol. Music is considered something that has a universal language. People all over the world can connect using musical notes.

It not only helps enrich the mind, but also helps to express our feelings. Also, this sign has a heart symbol at the top that indicates a passion for music. Although you can experiment with colors for this pattern, it will look elegant with black ink.

Heart Tattoo

Isn’t it true that love always spreads the message of peace? Hearts are almost like another peace logo. This heart is special as it includes the peace logo inside. A pattern like this would only spread a message of respect and kindness towards others.

Although this piece of tattoo is not too complicated and simple enough, it looks exquisitely impressive. All segments of this tattoo have been colored differently, symbolizing the coming together of various sectors of society to form a peaceful whole. This tattoo pattern is very symbolic.

It sure looks like an anklet

This tattoo design will definitely allow you to have the best of both worlds. The anklet looks super realistic with the peace symbol hanging from it. The feather connected to the symbol of peace represents, in many cultures, a kinship with the spiritual realms and with the sacred.

And because of their bond with birds, they have always been a representation of inspiration and autonomy, not only bodily, but also in a psychic or spiritual sense. The only downside to this design is that it is limited to girls only. You can add colors to this tattoo pattern to give it more depth.

Eagle peace sign

These peace tattoos flanked by eagles on both sides execute a beautiful work of art. Eagle carries the potential and the words of the spirit. It is the nexus of man with the divine because it flies higher in the sky than any other bird.

The raptor carries the word of a regenerated life. It is related to the course of spring, dawn and renewal.

Intelligence spreads widely like the wings of birds conferring that harmony and peace can induce perpetual happiness in our lives. The beautiful rays of the sun that shine through the symbol of peace are actually a metaphor for a new hope. The word “Imagine” seems to have a greater meaning for the user.

Flowering Peace

Flowers are a delicate piece of nature’s creation and can convey a meaningful message of peace through their beautiful appearance. The color white is actually an emblem of peace and the flower seems to be the icing on the cake.

Although a white flower has a deep meaning specifically associated with the peace symbol, you can get other types of inked flowers depending on your taste. However, it is in the delicacy of the flowers that the message of love and peace begins. Therefore, having a particular type of flower in a particular color will not necessarily make a difference.

Saying It Straight

A tattoo on the wrist is always stylish and looks elegant. All you need is to get your tattoo artist to write the word “peace” in a fancy format. It is simple, but an amazing tattoo idea. What could be easier than saying the word out loud?

There are many font options you can select from. Also, you can try tattooing it in another language.

Banner It Up

Because every day is just as beautiful, this lighthearted and carefree banner is lovely to look at! It is a good idea for both men and women. It’s quite a revolutionary design and it will definitely touch hearts. Any other inscription can also be written on the ribbon labeling only the peace symbol to enhance the message.

Calm Peace down

This finger peace tattoo gesture is instigating the coolest version of spreading the message of peace. Usually, when one needs to calm down, the index and middle fingers are spread wide. This design is quite simple and realistic, but more importantly, it conveys the message accurately in a very distinctive and cool way.

Black ink is used for shading, which gives it a natural look. Although many colors can be used, these tattoo patterns are best suited to black and white ink.

Dove tattoo (bird of peace )

Everyone knows that the white dove is a universal symbol of peace. According to customs in many parts of the world, doves are released before some special ceremonies to indicate peace and harmony. In this tattoo, two beautiful doves can be seen spreading their wings in the sky.

This design really looks spectacular with the shade of blue. The quote encompassing the peace symbol really makes it look modern and distinct.

Wave Peace Tattoo

Components such as nature can be added to enhance the message of peace in your body. Nature is consolidated with peace and harmony. This particular tattoo design rectifies the case. Water is a symbol of peace.

What to notice are the shadows from the sun that give it a spectacular view. It is almost like a landscape on your skin.

Peace with a cross

People have expressed the value of peace through religion. The Christian Peace Tattoo showing the peace logo with a beautiful ornate pink and purple flower looks elegant and natural. Adding a scripture verse or a quote from the Bible will complement your elegance.

It is a work of art

This tattoo is quite artistic by nature. The four segments of the tattoo are engraved with some kind of natural elements. It is a symbol of all the elements that are required to maintain life on earth. It’s a pretty colorful piece that will add depth to your message.

Peace Out With Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is widely recognized as a female cartoon character. This tattoo pattern is definitely more suitable for enthusiastic women. The bow on her head is a cute ornament that makes the whole design look more adorable. She is a symbol of a sober, delicate and kind nature. According to me, this is a pretty creative design.

Peace with dove

As mentioned above, the dove is a metaphor for peace. Here, the dove is holding an olive branch that also resonates well with the message of peace and harmony. Therefore, these components add to the message of peace. The little heart on the top looks cute.

More subtle colors can be added if you want your tattoo to be a bit colorful.

Peace Tattoo Color Explosion

The watercolor effect is great for any tattoo and is very trendy. You can incorporate this effect with your peace symbol, as it will appear to provide vitality and energy with its colorful explosion.

Write it With a Message

A peace sign can be given a creative flair by designing its perimeters with a message instead of a bunch of lines. The choice of message is entirely up to you. It could be something substantial, full of meaning, or just words of affection and kindness. However, the message should not be random as this can hinder the meaning.

Infused into a mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world. If you like Disney cartoons, you can solidify the Disney cartoon tattoo and peace logo by placing a peace sign around the outline of a Mickey Mouse head. You can simply do it in black ink, however doing it in color will really enhance the fun part of the whole design. This is a fabulous tattoo design if there is still that child in you!

Inspired Water Color

The watercolor effect always adds a depth of creativity to the overall design. This pattern is only outline based and does not have a sharp edge. Very good for a creative mind.

A Prior Political Symbol

Although the peace symbol basically emerged as a political statement, it has now become a style statement that everyone seems to accept. The location of this symbol is usually found on things like necklaces or locket, but it is also fine to use it as a tattoo design. A more magnificent way to create a flawless tattoo would be to include this peace symbol tattoo in a geometric design.

Monotone Peace Tattoo

Adding color or becoming monotonous is entirely up to you. Peace logo tattoo patterns can be inked anywhere on the body in a monotonous shade like red, blue, purple, green, or yellow. In fact, the trend for white is growing by leaps and bounds. Although the placement ideas for such a subtle design are many, the symbol would nonetheless look best on the ankle, nape, wrist, and behind the ear.

Lips don’t lie

At first glance, one would definitely think of such a strange location idea, right? Often times, tattoos are inked in areas that are not noticed regularly. This can be due to a number of causes, including workplace limitations or probably a desire to keep the tattoo private.

Flower peace signs

Floral peace signs look great when some traditional flowers associated with peace and harmony are incorporated into the pattern. Such a pattern can feature flowers like daisies or probably olive leaves as well.

Tribal peace signs

Tribal patterns have gained popularity with today’s youth. Without a doubt, they have also become one of the most recognized designs in the tattoo industry. These types of designs are sometimes incorporated with other elements that resonate with a message similar to the main one. The designs are suitable for both men and women.

Black ink is usually used to shape the tattoo. However, with the growing trend of using colors, many are trying to match the watercolor pattern with it.

Colorful Peace Sign

It’s a big trend to choose colorful and vibrant designs over the more traditional black and white ink designs. If inked accurately, these designs can look great, whether small or enlarged. This type of pattern adapts to any part of the body.

Hippie culture peace sign

Most of the people who survived hippie culture choose a particular tattoo design because they feel a strong bond with it. Most of them also claim that hippie culture is the most amazing period of their lives. Needless to say, the peace logo was a popular emblem during that movement. Therefore, peace sign tattoos form a better relationship with fabulous memories and keepsakes.

Additional tips to follow before opting for a peace tattoo:

Etching your body with peace tattoos can be classy and unusual, but it may not be very acceptable to others. So, take a look at the following tips before you print these designs on your body:

It is important that peace tattoos are inked on a suitable part of the body, as religious tattoos associated with peace under the lower body may be unacceptable to the community.

If you have a corporate job, make sure your body art remains hidden under the sleeves or collars as it is inappropriate based on the corporate setting.

Large and oversized tattoos are notoriously difficult to handle as they are obvious and will be difficult to erase.

A small or medium-sized tattoo will send your message to others as well, so be sure to choose the proper dimensions for your tattoo.

The peace symbol held an esteemed position in the world since the 1960s and 1970s. Hippies with their long hair and baggy outfits made the symbol popular and therefore it is widely accepted throughout the world. Many people choose to get the peace logo tattooed on different parts of their body, be it for business, personal or to spread a social message.

In addition to this list above, there are many more peace symbols that can be intertwined to produce such creative works of art. Many celebrities have fallen in love with body art and have written the peace logo on their bodies. Below are some of those celebrities who have been tattooed with this symbol of love and harmony.

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