Permanent Makeup Tattoo Lips, Eyebrow and Eyeliner


In an increasingly fast world, permanent makeup tattoo will be the solution for people who don’t have much time to dress up. When you see permanent makeup industry statistics, this is a product that is very popular today, especially celebrities.

Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Then, what to expect after permanent makeup, why they do all this? And what is the reason why they have to do that?

  • I worry that eyebrows are running low
  • Make up weak points like eyebrows and eye lines
  • I want to shorten my makeup time in the morning
  • Want to have confidence in a snapshot
  • I can’t make points for playing sports
  • I can’t always draw eyebrows in the same way

But is this just an alternative to reduce the use of make-up and the chemical content of the face area? We know that many stars use it. But in reality, what is permanent makeup tattoo really? Then, how much does it cost? And, are there risks associated with permanent makeup? This article will explain everything you need to know about permanent makeup information.

What Is Permanent Makeup Tattoo?

What Is Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Dr Crowell Beard is the first person to do a tattoo eyeliner procedure in the permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing. He is using this procedure to replace for lost eyelashes. He is an Oculoplastic Surgeon from the US. His first book is ‘Micropigmentation’ with the subject of permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing. And until now, Micropigmentation used as a term for permanent makeup tattoo. This textbook was written by Dr Zwerling, Christensen and Goldstein in 1986.

Permanent makeup is a makeup technique with continuous effects. That will not be fading even though it is wet by water or sweat. Permanent makeup tattoo is also called a medical practice. Due it uses needles to insert pigments into the skin. So, permanent makeup is the same as tattooing your face. It makes it always look like makeup, even when you wake up in the morning. This technique works by inserting pigments into the first layer of the epidermis to highlight certain facial features.

Of course, this is not like an ordinary tattoo, and we want it to be as simple as possible. But, the effect must be quite natural and beautify person, even if it doesn’t change completely.

Some doctors do it, but they also beautician permanent makeup tattoo.

Permanent vs Semi-permanent Makeup

When it is said to be “permanent,” that is not entirely true: due to the pigment will eventually fade over time. It depends on the person’s skin type. So, the part of makeup tattoo on the face is healthy and have cell regeneration. Therefore some changes were made for all procedures with ranges ranging time from 3 to 5 years around.

With all these interventions, protect yourself as much as possible from the sun: exposure to a little sun is one of the factors in the longevity of permanent makeup tattoo.

Permanent Makeup Type

The following is a brief overview of various interventions in the world of permanent and semi-permanent makeup. Related costs and the risks I wrote it below. 

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Eyebrows

A few days ago I tried asking in a cosmetic tattoo near me; how to do a permanent eyebrow procedure, and what have to be done? They said:

“The procedure lasts between 2 hours and 2 hours 30. Permanent eyebrows procedure work by a mechanical unit to implements the pigment under the skin. The effect of the pigment is uniform, resulting in the same effect as an eyebrow pencil. Ideally, the machine takes into account the thickness of the skin, and this varies from one person and another.”

What is the price to pay for the permanent eyebrow tattoo cost? The cost of this technique is around $ 550.

Microblading Eyebrow

Are eyebrows falling out after Microblading? The answer is no. It is a manual technique that is similar to calligraphy. So, the eyebrows will be drawn by a pen with sharp needles and natural pigments. This technique is the same as tattoos. But, the results are smoother and more natural than the permanent makeup tattoo technique.

Microblading is semi-permanent, meaning it will last between 6 and 18 months. The cosmetic tattoos eyebrows are suitable for men and women. What, for men? Two visits are needed to arrive at the final result; this must be between 4 to 6 weeks apart.

This type of service initially costs around $ 500 and then changes around $ 400 afterwards.

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup

The procedure of permanent eyeliner is same, insert pigment with the needle. Permanent eyeliner also called as tattoo mascara. But there are procedures to add eye shadow effects. Various pigment colours are available: from black to more neutral colours, such as brown, purple, grey, and even dark blue.

This time, the technique is not the same as tattoos because the eyelid skin is very fragile. The introduction of pigments is done manually, little by little. Here we are talking about millimetres.

This procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours and costs around $ 425 for one line eyeliner. For shadow effects, the price is almost the same.

It’s impossible to do this technique if you use eyelash extensions, but you can always ask later.

Lipstick Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Permanent Tattoo Lips

In the case of permanent lip makeup, we talk more about effects similar to gloss the lips itself. The pigment is chosen to be closer to the skin.

This technique work in two steps: trace the contours of the lips and fill them. During browsing, it is also possible to redesign the lips, for example, to enlarge or straighten angles.

Permanent lip makeup gives poor results to naturally dark skin. In this case, it’s better to choose very bright pigments so that your permanent makeup tattoo appears, resulting in a less natural effect.

This procedure can take 5 hours or even more, and costs around $ 1400.

Permanent makeup: addition of spots

The current trend is to get spots on your cheeks and nose.

This controversial treatment called “spots” costs around $ 250.

Someone can finally use the permanent makeup tattoo to get a strategically make mole or another type of treatment.

Risk for Lips

The most common problem with permanent lip makeup is the formation of sores or blisters. Red pigments are more likely to cause reactions to other fluids or even allergies.

Aesthetic reasons for permanent makeup tattoo

We can do it because we don’t like the shape of our eyebrows or lips and we want to fix it. One can do it because they are tired of repeating the same movements every day: to fill her eyebrows, draw the contours of her lips with a pencil, make a line eyeliner, etc.


Medical Reasons for Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Tattoo makeup permanent makeup is far from just aesthetic or superficial! There are medical indications for permanent makeup. You can use this for example to:

  • Cover scars
  • Fix facial skin imperfections (such as wine stains)
  • Can be used in cases of vitiligo, alopecia (loss of hair and eyebrows) or cleft palate

It’s also a practical technique for women who repeatedly react to cosmetics, who have problems with vision, motor skills or coordination that prevent them from wearing makeup, etc.

Permanent makeup is also a solution to draw nipples in the case of women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery.

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Risk

If you choose quality and conscientious people, complications rarely occur.

But this is still a permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing and thinks about procedure. Once done, we cannot return, even though the results are not exactly as expected. It’s the same as tattoos.

Retouching is sometimes possible, but you can’t remove it quickly if you change your mind.

All Permanent Makeup Tattoo Techniques

There is always a risk of infection. Besides, the risk of “scarring” of the skin under the pigment is still possible. This risk depends on the type of surface and even the drug taken by the person. I do not recommend this permanent tattoo makeup if you are using Accutane (oral acne treatment). Moreover, you have consumed it in the previous six months.

Also, beauticians often use local anesthesia before the procedure, which increases the risk of severe reactions or infections.

Because her face is fragile then the application must be exact. A small error can make unfortunate consequences. In rare cases, anesthesia can flow to the eye and burn the cornea. Phew!

Choose the Right Person for Permanent Makeup Tattoo

The techniques of permanent and semi-permanent makeup are increasingly popular nowadays. This is not only a demand for fashion but a need to cover up our shortcomings. Of course, more and more beauty experts offer it. But that doesn’t mean that they are truly qualified to do so.

It’s not always a good idea to choose the lowest price. Be careful choosing practitioners in this field. Find people who truly have trusted experience to apply your makeup. You must see their certification and accreditation requirements in the practice of permanent makeup tattoo.

The ideal person must combine the talents of the surgeon and the artist. When you want to achieve good results; then they must have accuracy, agility, and creativity. But, if you are unsure of the beautician you have met, don’t hesitate to see someone else. Choosing the right person will listen to you and understand the permanent makeup tattoo you want!

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