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The “Pok Kha Sap” or “ยันต์โภคทรัพย์” in Thai script is a beautiful and revered Sak Yant tattoo design

Sak Yant is also known as Thai Traditional tattooing

If you’d like to learn more about Sak Yant as a style, you can read our extensive article here 

Pok Kha Sap directly translates to English as “collecting wealth and property”

It’s believed that the bearer of this Yant is blessed with abundant fortune and prosperity

But it’s not just about money!

The design is supposed to guide you on a path where you are able to attain material wealth, without it coming at a cost to your spiritual path


Let’s look into the design in more detail


An important aspect of the Pok Kha Sap, as with many Sak Yant designs, is the use of the Khom script

The Khom script is an ancient alphasyllabic writing system that originates from the Brahmi script of India

The word “alphasyllabic” explains a complex system as it relates to writing and speech

But in simple terms, it means that each “letter” can represent both a vowel and a consonant

And it means that it is often not “readable” in the sense we’re most familiar with

It holds a revered position within Buddhist and Hindu traditions and has widespread use across several Southeast Asian countries

In Thai temples, much of the lettering you see will be either Khom or based on it

In the context of Sak Yant, Khom script is not merely ornamental, but believed to be infused with spiritual energy

Symbols, mantras, and unique blessings are inscribed using this script, connecting the bearer to a spiritual lineage that spans generations

Designs are passed down from Sak Yant Masters (known as an “Ajarn”) to their apprentices

The nature of the design means that we can’t tell you exactly what the Khom script “says”, however we can tell you what the purpose of it is

In the case of the Pok Kha Sap design, the lettering is to support the creation of wealth and abundance, as well as guide the wearer towards enlightenment


Unalome is another integral element of the Pok Kha Sap design

This Buddhist symbol is a metaphorical representation of the path to enlightenment

The winding, twisted path of the unalome embodies the journey that isn’t linear

It signifies the trials, tribulations, and occasional steps backward on this journey toward spiritual growth

The unalome can be depicted in both vertical and horizontal orientations and you can see both being represented in the Pok Kha Sap design

A vertically oriented unalome suggests an aspiration to reach higher states of spirituality

In contrast, a horizontally oriented unalome symbolizes the pursuit of spiritual growth amidst worldly distractions and experiences

These combined representations portray the duality of our spiritual journey — reaching for spiritual growth (vertical) while navigating worldly experiences (horizontal)

In this way, the addition of the unalome in the Pok Kha Sap is to try to balance the actions of the wearer between the worldly pursuit of success and the spiritual quest towards enlightenment


The answer is – everyone!

Sak Yant tattoos were historically given to Apprentices of Sak Yant Masters (Ajarns) based on merit

Ajarns are monks and as such, cannot receive payment for services

It’s for this reason that we don’t pretend to be something we’re not with magical ceremonies, or outdated and potential very unsafe tattooing techniques and hygiene standards

Sak Yant designs are absolutely fine and accepted for anyone to get tattooed on them if they feel it’s a design that speaks to them

And the reasons are your own!

It could be because you believe in the spiritual power within in the design

Or it could just be that you think it looks nice

Most people fall somewhere in between and that’s completely fine

The only rule is that you must get a Sak Yant tattoo above the waist

In Buddhist belief, the lower body is seen as unclean and as such, we won’t tattoo a Sak Yant anywhere below the waist

However, we are very happy to discuss and advise on positions we think would suit the design and your body


At ALL DAY Tattoo, we bring a fusion of experience, professionalism, and adherence to high-quality standards

Our mastery in Sak Yant designs, including the Pok Kha Sap, ensures a meaningful and successful tattoo experience

We are one of the few fully licensed tattoo studio in Bangkok, implementing the best Western hygiene practices

All our inks are top brands from the USA, FDA approved and imported, ensuring the best outcome for your tattoo

You can trust us to be fair and transparent, with a firm policy against tourist scams or tricks with fake “monks” and “ceremonies”

Our convenient location in the heart of Bangkok, accompanied by a team of friendly, English-fluent staff, makes your tattoo journey seamless

Our team is always ready to guide you through the process

To begin your journey with us, reach out to our team using any of the contact methods below

We are always here to advise and assist you.

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