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The Prachao Ha Praong tattoo is a design that embodies spiritual power, protection and profound symbolism that has deep roots in Thai culture, as well as the surrounding area

It is a design in the category known as “Sak Yant” tattoos, often referred to as “Thai traditional tattoos”

The word “Sak” in Thai means “tattoo” or “to tap” and “Yant” is the Thai pronunciation of the Sakskrit word “Yantra”, which are mystical designs often including elements of sacred geometry and often used in meditation practice

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In this article we are going to delve into the symbolisms and meanings of the Prachao Ha Praong design and discuss why someone may wish to get this beautiful and meaningful design


The words “Prachao Ha Praong” when translated to English means “The Five Buddha Tattoo” or the “Five Sacred Blessings of the Buddha”

These blessings are often chanted by monks when trying to attain a higher level of consciousness through meditation

In English these are pronounced as “Na Mor Put Ta Yar”

While this design isn’t seen as commonly as some of the most popular Sak Yant designs such as the “Hah Taew” or “Gao Yord” it is one of the group of “Yant Kru”, or foundational Sak Yant, designs

The design features give Buddhas, each of which represent one of the 5 cardinal directions, which are North, South, East, West and Center

This is in contrast to much Western mysticism where there are usually 4 cardinal directions, with the “center” being the one that isn’t represented

This is a small but meaningful difference in different mystical traditions, where the “Eastern” will place a high value in the “middle way” or “center” while the “Western” often doesn’t focus so much on it

The Prachao Ha Praong is believed to encompass the guidance, wisdom and protection of the Five Buddhas, which provides the wearer with both spiritual strength and enlightenment


Each of the five Buddhas represented in the Prachao Ha Praong design represents different qualities and virtues


Aksobhya (East)

Often depicted touching the earth, Aksobhya symbolizes the transformation of anger into wisdom. He represents steadfastness and commitment and is associated with the element of water


Ratnasambhava (South)

Ratnasambhava, typically shown in a giving gesture, symbolizes the transformation of pride into the wisdom of equality. He is associated with the element of earth and embodies generosity


Amitabha (West)

Known as the Buddha of Infinite Light, Amitabha symbolizes the transformation of desire into discernment. He is associated with the element of fire and represents pure perception


Amoghasiddhi (North)

Traditionally shown in a fearless gesture, Amoghasiddhi symbolizes the transformation of jealousy into the wisdom of accomplishment. He is associated with the element of air and embodies the power of unobstructed success


Vairocana (Center)

Often depicted as sitting on a lotus, Vairocana symbolizes the transformation of ignorance into the wisdom of reality as it truly is. He is associated with the element of space or ether and represents spiritual awakening and enlightenment


The sum of these 5 Buddhas represent a powerful commitment to spiritual growth and inner peace


A Prachao Ha Praong tattoo represents a testament to the wearer’s spiritual journey and their connection to the rich symbolism and cultural importance of Thai (Theravada) Buddhism

Someone may choose the Prachao Ha Praong design to express their own devotion to Buddhist principles, their desire for guidance and protection on life’s path or wish for spiritual growth

By choosing the design, the wearer could be aligning themselves with the wisdom and blessings of the Five Buddhas, opening themselves up to the transformative power behind this ancient artform

But, as with all Sak Yant designs, it’s really up to the wearer to decide what it symbolizes

If it’s simply a reminder of time spent in Thailand, or a meaningful visit to a temple, that’s absolutely fine!


The Prachao Ha Praong tattoo offers a unique and powerful way to embrace the spiritual and cultural significance of Thai sacred tattoos

By choosing the Prachao Ha Praong design, the wearer connects with the wisdom, guidance, and protection of the Five Buddhas, while also honoring the rich cultural heritage of Thailand

It’s important that you choose a safe, hygienic and high quality environment to do your Sak Yant tattoo

The only thing that you want to have for life after the tattoo is finished, is the tattoo itself!

While it can be tempting to partake in “ceremonies” or “blessings”, there are several risks and drawbacks you should consider first

We talk about this further here 

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