Premium Temporary Small Tattoos


Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

  1. Brand Aresvns
  2. Pattern Pattern 10
  3. Is Waterproof True
  4. Age Range (Description) Adu*lt
  5. About this item
  6. Long Lasting Tattoo 3 Sheets — Made with plant-based ingredients, will last 1-2 weeks in perfect condition and will fade over time until they disappear completely, depending on the location of the tattoo and skin type (dry or oily skin).
  7. Cool & Realistic — Exquisite and creative patterns. No thick layer of adhesive, just like a real tattoo, will not reflect, not stick to the clothes, even if close to the more difficult to see it is a fake tattoo.
  8. Easy To Apply — Easy to do in 5-10 minutes with just water, Initially applied to the skin in a very light color, then it takes 24 hours for the dark blue color to fully emerge. Without any pain, you can easily operate in various situations.
  9. Durable & Waterproof & Sweatproof — Has a very good waterproof effect. In the shower, swimming, sweating and other occasions you do not have to worry about the tattoo falling off.
  10. Worry-Free Service — 100% risk-free shopping! ! 90 days free return. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us,We will provide you with the best quality products and customer service until you are satisfied.

Premium Temporary Small Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

A better word for fake tattoos would be temporary tattoos, which goes against the notion of a tattoo but satisfies the need for body art. Decorative and creative at its best, a temporary or fake tattoo doesn’t allow you to go through the pain of permanently sticking the ink into your skin. Usually drawn or printed using normal sticker technique, these tattoos will fulfill your desire to show off body art for a limited period of time before you get bored or decide to remove it. Although they are not permanent, these temporary tattoos are, in a way, better than permanent ones. You no longer need to worry about color fading or inflamed skin immediately after getting one and the best part is that you can change the designs whenever you want.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Feather Tattoo

Listed below are some of the fake tattoo designs that you should go through before deciding on one.

1. Fake tattoos of a floral affair:

A floral tattoo as such adds a nice feminine touch to your look. In this tattoo art, the shoulder adorns a beautiful blooming fuchsia coral rose flower while the green leaves around it embrace the halo-shaped flower. This is one of the best fake tattoo designs for women.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

2. To be loved fake tattoos:

The tattoo adds a realistic touch to the look, almost as if the words are etched or etched into your skin. These can be achieved by using the white or nu*de color that blends in with the skin. Here the words loved are written on the skin, but many may choose different ones.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

3. Tearing through the skin:

False or permanent, the ripped skin tattoo design is one of the latest demands. In this tattoo art, the skin appears to be ripped into pieces, the nerves and the flesh on display. This fake tattoo has been done with such perfection that it almost looks like a real test.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

4. In metallic gold fake tattoos:

The latest temporary tattoo trend revealed the beauty of body art through shimmering metallic hues. In this image the hue is gold with an icy metal glitter on the ends as the tattoo blooms into a beautiful design in the form of long, thin feathers.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

5. Custom Vine Fake Tattoos:

A good solution for costumes or theme parties, the vine tattoo art basically represents a tangled continuation of the vine body art, elegant and slender done with precise strokes that form a beautiful mesh. You can use this to adorn not only your wrists or face, but also your shoulders, neck, and so on.

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Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

6. Fake tattoos of a starry night:

A star is one of the basic starter tattoo ideas. Before going for permanent inking, why not try going for this fake star tattoo? To create a smooth 3D effect, the star tattoo has been filled in monochrome with a soft explosion of tangles underneath. It is one of the cutest fake tattoo designs for girls.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

7. The classic Chinese dragon fake tattoos:

Chinese dragons are another of the most ordered tattoo designs after the first ones. Here is a fake tattoo design that has a Chinese dragon spread across its forearm. The tattoo is done with basic black ink with a soft sheen to add vibrancy to the look. This is one of the most popular fake tattoo designs for men.

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Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

8. Fake Metallic Foil Tattoos:

Here is another metallic body art design that you can go for. Easily removable, these tattoos look great in their shiny metallic design. You can have them around your wrists or even on your forearms.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

9. Fake tattoos with colored glitter:

The glitters always add a fresh touch to your look and that is why in this tattoo there is a hint of royal blue mixed with a bright green, a floral pattern engraved on the back with a butterfly fluttering at the sides.

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos

Body Art Flower Word Fake Tattoos


Premium Temporary Small Tattoos

Product description

Pattern Name:Pattern 10

Package Including: 3 Sheets Stickers

Sheet Size: 3.14×4.33 inch/80x110mm

Semi-permanent tattoo stickers are made of high quality plant material and are developed using the latest technology. Realistic results, colour simulation, long lasting colour development time, make it easy for you to get attractive realistic tattoos.


Do not apply to sensitive skin,allergic to adhesive. Also not recommended for children under 3 years old.


We recommend that you shave the area where you want to apply the tattoo to make it better colour development.

Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the tattoo area during bathing, otherwise will shorten the use time.

Try to avoid prolonged contact of the newly applied tattoo area with other exposed skin before dry, otherwise the part of the skin in contact may also appear color.

Product information

Pattern Name:Pattern 10

Package Dimensions 7 x 5 x 0.2 inches; 3.21 Ounces

Item Weight 3.2 ounces

Manufacturer LanQi



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