My name is Priit Salusoo. Estonian based artist, tattooist and painter but I also travelling inside Europe. I started tattooing when I was in high school. But that period was just the beginning…searching, learning. The hardest part was to find my own identity through art. It has been a long journey and I still feel that I have so many things to learn…

I have been inspired by dark and weird style for a very long time. I enjoy different styles- realism, new traditional etc. Maybe mostly I like crazy effects like wet look and reflections.

I am not only a tattoo artist but also an artist…I try to take from each day as much as possible, drawing, painting, sketching as much as possible. I am totally crazy; I take inspiration from everywhere, for example from nature, movies, dreams etc. I feel the need to release the inspiration out from inside.

I understand you began tattooing when you were in high school. What made you start tattooing at such a young age?

In this period everything just seemed so fun. Tattooing was one of art form I wanted to try…and so it began.

Tell us how art has molded you into the person you are today?

I live and breathe through my art. I don´t want that people know me; I want to stay behind my art. For me it is another reality, gateway away from this reality…freedom and dialogue without words.

Besides tattooing, what is your favorite type of art to get in to?

I am really into painting and pencil drawing. But I enjoy marker art and graphic too.

Tell us about your style and what you’d prefer to tattoo.

My style is some kind of realism mixed with surreal and weird elements. But I enjoy line work, old-school and neo traditional tattoos as well.

Do you have a movie, book,
character or something else that you draw inspiration from?

Yes, of course we all have! But I get inspiration from everywhere all around us. This life where we live in is a big source of inspiration.

We always love to ask, what was the strangest tattooing experience you’ve had?

The strangest tattoo experience belongs to stupid customer(s) who are not so sure do they really need the tattoos and who is doing the tattoo.

What superhero would you be if given the chance? And why?

I really don´t wish to be a superhero because then everyone will be expecting something extraordinary from you…and even the superheroes die. So I prefer to be just a shadow in the wind.

Who is your favorite artist?

I have lots of them… many painters, illustrators, photographers etc.

Tell us about your tattoos! Which is your favorite (if you can choose) and who was the artist?

About the earlier period tattoos I don´t want to speak much…But my first favorite one is from Dmitriy Samohin. It is truly an outstanding masterpiece.

What didn’t I ask you that you’d want our readers to know about you?

I think the readers will know enough through my art in media.

Article and interview orignally published in Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine Issue #20

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