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Runners around the world unite! If you’re someone who likes to take part in the age-old exercise, the weather is fully ripe to start getting those miles in. The benefits of running are simply uncontentestable—it builds muscle strength, improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress. And the best part is, it’s one of the most accessible athletic activities out there. All you need is a good pair of shoes and the great outdoors, and you’re off. 

Back in high school, I was a big runner. I was on the track team for four years, and at first thought I was meant to be a sprinter, but eventually found distance to be my forte. Two years later, I joined our small but mighty cross country team, and to this day I can still say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Back then, you’d think I was miserable because all I did was complain about having practice everyday after school and how constantly anxiety-ridden I was before every meet. But looking back, these are some of my fondest memories. As painful as the sport is, I can’t deny that the relief that overcomes you aftering finishing a race is an irreplaceable feeling. On a grander scale, the sport rewired my brain to power through situations where I’d normally give up, and trust that pain is always temporary. 

Nowadays, running only makes up a small portion of my list of hobbies. For a long time after I left the sport, I associated running with the constant fear and pressure of having to beat a personal record. However, in recent years my mindset has shifted to create a much healthier relationship with the activity. I now view running as a means to alleviate my anxiety in times of overwhelm. During many existential crises, going for even a short run has proven to get me out of my head and see solutions that were always right in front of me. The same applies to going for walks, if that’s your preferred cup of tea. In general, just getting outside and moving your body can do wonders for the old noggin. 

What better way to commemorate your dedication to the sport than with a tattoo? As a runner, having a tattoo representative of your escape can serve as a reminder that, just as you’ve completed every tiring run, you’ve overcome every hardship life’s thrown your way and can make it through all the rest. Whether you’re a full-blown marathoner or someone who runs as a way to preserve their mental health, these tattoos inspired by the sport definitely encapsulate all the ways it can improve your well-being. That being said, run, don’t walk, to your next tattoo appointment. 

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