Setting Sail On An Unforgettable Journey: Inked@Sea Cruise 2024


Inked@Sea is excited to announce that registration is open now at – pre-sale begins October 25 and public on-sale begins November 1. Get ready to set sail on the inked voyage of a lifetime, where art meets the open sea!

Entertainment Industry veteran, Nick Kulb has partnered with Inked Magazine to develop and produce this inaugural event for tattoo fanatics. Inked@Sea promises the adventure of a lifetime, combining the world of body art with live-music and the experience of a luxury cruise aboard Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady. Virgin Voyages recently swept the 2023 Cruise Critic rating as the “Best Cruise Line of 2023” receiving awards for best overall cabins, dining, service and value for money.

“I’m excited for our partnership between Constellation Experiences and Virgin Voyages – Inked@Sea marks the start of a long, prosperous event relationship with the cruise line and all partners associated with the event” Kulb said.

The inaugural event is set to take place from September 18, 2024 to September 23, 2024 and will offer the opportunity to indulge your passion for tattoos from some of the top tattoo artists in the world while enjoying a fantastic vacation at sea. We’re thrilled to announce Inked@Sea will feature Steve Butcher, Anthony Michaels, Yomico Moreno, Dave Paolo, Randy Engelhard, Val Riabovia, Gia Rose, Jon Mesa, Sianca Densch, Bob Tyrell, Mario Barth and Durb Morrison with additional artists to be announced soon; as well as performances by P.O.D, Grey Daze, About Kings, DJ Soulman, DJ Scotty Boy, DJ Slippe, Cervena Fox and more.

Along with being a sponsor, Sean Dowdell, owner of Club Tattoo and Drummer for Grey Daze has been a key point person in organizing the inaugural event with the Inked@Sea team. “Club Tattoo is very excited to be a part of something new in the tattoo industry with Inked@Sea. It’s about time for large tattoo events to evolve and change, we are proud to be at the forefront of something this unique, elevated and bold,” said Dowdell.

Tattoo artists who are interested in being part of this flagship voyage are invited to contact the booking team via email [email protected] to secure their spot on board the Inked@Sea Cruise.

Here’s what you can expect on Inked@Sea:

World Renowned Tattoo Artists: Renowned tattoo artists from around the world will be on board to provide you with incredible tattoo experiences. Whether you’re looking to get inked for the first time or add to your existing collection, these artists will make your cruise unforgettable.

Seminars: Hone your tattoo knowledge and skills by attending seminars and workshops led by industry experts such as Sean Dowdell, Durb Morrison, Bob Tyrell and more. Learn about the latest trends, techniques, and aftercare tips to ensure your tattoos look their best.

Luxury Accommodations: Sail in style aboard our state-of-the-art cruise ship, complete with luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and entertainment options to keep you pampered and entertained throughout the voyage.

Networking: Connecting with tattoo artists on the cruise is an exclusive opportunity to network with the masters of the ink world. Share stories, gain insights, and possibly even plan your next unique tattoo project with these skilled artisans while sailing the high seas.

Darrin Austin, CEO of Inked Magazine said, “Inked@Sea is more than a cruise; it’s a revolution! When Inked Holding acquired Inked Magazine, we vowed to elevate the brand. Inked@Sea is just the beginning.”

Don’t miss your chance to secure a spot on Inked@Sea 2024! Registration is open at, and early birds will receive exclusive perks and discounted rates. With limited availability, we encourage you to act fast and join us for this incredible tattoo adventure.

For more information, please visit or contact our dedicated customer support team using the chat feature on our website.

Inked@Sea 2024 promises to be an unforgettable fusion of art, adventure, and luxury. Get ready to set sail and make your mark at sea! Book your tickets today and prepare for an ink-tastic journey like no other.

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