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Sci-fi nerds unite for this latest batch of stellar tattoos. As our world draws towards a robot-centric age, the possibility of a cyborg manifestation is something that is not out of the question. There is surely something alluring about the enigmatic figure. Half human, half machine—does it have a heart, does it feel emotion? Or is it simply programmed to exhibit such things? What is a technologically enhanced human capable of? Storytellers have long used their imaginations to concoct answers to these questions, resulting in some of the most distinguishable cyborg characters to this day.

Cyborgs are organisms whose abilities are enhanced by technology integrated into their bodies. Think bionic body parts, artificial organs and other electrical implants that blur the line between human and android. Special skills may include superhuman strength and stamina, computer-assisted brains and badass weaponry like eyes that shoot lasers or arms that zap enemies with powerful electromagnetic blasts. Really, the possibilities are unending.

For decades, cyborgs have appeared across all mediums in popular culture. As far as films go, you can’t go without thinking of “The Terminator,” a classic featuring the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ve also got heavy cyborg representation in “RoboCop,” “Ghost in the Shell,” “Ex Machina,” “Blade Runner” and “Star Wars”—yes, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader with their mechanical prostheses are technically cyborgs. In the video game world, we’ve got gems like Overwatch or Cyberpunk 2077 to sport some of the most compelling depictions of futuristic humanoids. Even music videos get their fair share of cyborg features, such as in Janelle Monae’s visually stunning, 48-minute narrative film that accompanied her 2018 album, “Dirty Computer.”

Would you believe these entities look just as cool in tattoo form? In these pieces, the intertwining characteristics of human bodies with intricate robot appendages makes for a startlingly unique work of art. Check out some of the sickest cyborg tattoos that are currently out there, and hopefully become inspired to snag one for yourself. When the robots finally come for us, at least they’ll know you’re on their side.

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