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Tattoos have been a way for people to express themselves for centuries

Whether telling a story, expressing something that is personal to you or just enhancing your appearance, tattoos are for everyone

In recent years, getting a snail tattoo has gained popularity

Snail tattoos can be unique, interesting and come with a variety of meanings and in various styles

In this article we will look into why people get snail tattoos, meaning and significations behind snails in art and different types of snail tattoos


People choose snail tattoos for various reasons

For some, it can be as simple as showcasing their appreciation for these creatures

Others get them because they believe the snail symbolizes a particular trait they already have, or wish to develop in themselves

Snails are slow-moving creatures that require patience and persistence to make progress

In this way, they represent qualities such as: resilience, perseverance and determination

Their shell protects them from danger and attacks, symbolizing the safety net that a warm, loving home can provide us

They may be a tribute to something that or someone that holds personal significance

For example, someone who spent time in their childhood collecting or admiring snails, or even having them as a pet

Ultimately the reasons for getting a snail tattoo will always be personal, and as such there is “right” or “wrong” reason


Snails have been depicted in art for centuries and their significance varies depending on the culture and the context

In general, snails are a symbol of slow and steady progress, protection and resilience

They can be associated with cyclical time, as they move in a spiral shape, much like the infinity sign

In Japanese culture, snails are a symbol for good luck, fertility and longevity

In Greek mythology, snails were associated with the goddess Athena, who had a snail as her sacred animal

Snails were believed to be the symbol of the god Hermes, who used them to send messages between gods

In African cultures, snails can represent peace as they are non-aggressive creatures that do not attack or harm others


There are many types of different snail tattoos, each with its own style and symbolism

Here are just a few examples


Realistic Snail Tattoos

A realistic snail tattoo will be incredibly detailed and showcase the beauty and intricacy of the creatures

They are typically done in black and grey and the artist is likely to pay close attention to the shell, body and antenna


Cartoon Snail Tattoos

These tattoos can be fun and whimsical

Usually done in bright colors and to showcase the snail’s curious and playful nature

These tattoos are perfect for someone that wants to express their love for snails in a lighthearted way


Minimal Snail Tattoos

These tattoos are usually relatively small, and often are only a simple outline

These are well suited to people who would like their snail tattoo to be discrete, or just one of many tattoos they have

These are just a few examples

The snail is a versatile subject that can be done in almost any style imaginable!

So the only true limit is your imagination


If you’re looking for a unique and creative way of expressing yourself, consider getting a snail tattoo!

These charming creatures can make for a meaningful and eye-catching design that you’ll love to show off

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