Spine Tattoos for Women with 27 Incredible Images


The most popular choice this time is the spine tattoos for women. Tattoos down the spine are a position of the human body which is very sensitive. It’s right in the middle of the back of the neck to the top of us our lower back. Once broken, it could kill us or paralyze us.

Spine Tattoos For Women

See how important the spine as well as how the complexity, it is the perfect place for a tattoo on a woman. Placement could mean really convey how powerful but fragile you are. Tattoos down the spine are nowadays quite popular and trending among body art enthusiasts.

Tattoos along with meaningful quotes add it beauty and enhance your physical appeal. Spine tattoo lovers usually opt a cool long quote that extends from top to bottom of the spine. Here in this article, we have composed a lot of quotes for tattoos down the spine. You can select your favorite one, do with it and flaunt it proudly.

Best Spine Tattoos for Women

Abstract Spine Tattoo

What is the coolest and most beautiful you have ever seen besides spine tattoos for women? This tattoo extends from the back of the neck and runs towards the lower back of the woman. Whether it is a simple design, abstract or the picture of your bone, it will be nice looking on your spine. These days’ tattoos down the spine are commonly used by both men and women as they are becoming more stylish.

But the fact is that they fail to get the best tattoo design and that too suitable for their body part. So, taking the fact into consideration, in this article, we’ll show you several incredibly best spine tattoos that you will surely love.

In fact, there are thousands of ideas and designs spine tattoos for women out there on the internet. But the bitter truth is that the majority of them are very simple and several of them are not that good design. It can’t satisfy everyone. The tattoos are to expose, so when we expose them it should be good looking. Additionally, it should contain a nice theme, quote, or anything different and good.

Sunflower Spine Tattoo

Now a day’s choosing the best spine tattoos for women are a tiresome task as you have to go through tones of designs. But after you read this article your problem will be solved. Here we have showcased 27 best spine tattoos ideas and designs from which you can choose your favorite one. So let’s have a look at them.

Tattoos down The Spine Designs

Tattoos Down the Spine

So, the article above has explained the tattoo down the spine for you. Are you can use all of these tattoo designs? Of course, this spine tattoos for women will be very cool. There designs those are only suitable for women and some for men. Some simple designs are more suitable for women, but other people with complicated ideas will be suitable for men.

If you have any other incredible designs with you just tell us via comments and if it is good we’ll add it to our list. Also, drop your thoughts about the above-given tattoos down the spine.

Does Spine Tattoos for Women not Hurt?

Vertebrae Tattoos for Women

Is it true that women feel less pain than men? If you are going to get your first tattoo, then you might be a little hurt. In fact, it does. So, would you think whether the spine tattoos are painful or hurts? But there are several factors that depend. In these articles, we will go through that several factors that come into play depending on how much it is painful.

Sun and Moon Spine Tattoos

Before you are going to the parlor you can ask your friends who got a tattoo already. She may say that getting spine tattoos for women is not that painful. The reply might be so because of various reasons. It’s been a long time since she got tattoos down the spine. Or her tattoo might be on a spot where it didn’t hurt much.

Moon Spine Tattoos for Women

Actually, the pain while getting tattoos will vary with person to person. It depends on how much pain one can tolerate. It also depends greatly on the tattooing artist. They may use instruments or devices with fewer needles, so your pain will be less. This applies to anyone, including spine tattoos for women and men everywhere.

So modern instruments are available and if they are using such devices, you will not be hurt much. But, the pain to spine tattoos for women cannot avoid completely. This is because you are going to alter your skin deeply with special types of inks.

Spine Tattoos Pain Factor

Moon Spine Tattoo

Tattooing involves injecting the ink into two layers of her skin. The needle has to enter her skin deeply several times in order to get the tattoos down the spine perfectly. How much she hurt during the process depends on her tolerance and her mental state.

When you are completely ready to tolerate the pain and you are mentally prepared then you may not feel much discomfort during tattooing.

So, the factors are depending on the pain level of everyone. The main factor is fear, for that, you must be sure. But here I have written five pain factors when making spine tattoos for women. Let’s see below:


1. Tattoo Size

If you’ve got a larger tattoo, obviously the pain will be intense. Generally, tattoos down the spine are a bit larger when compared to other tattoos. A larger tattoo requires more ink and more needle pricks. Since this spine tattoos for women are usually longer, it needs more time, more needle pricks and more time you have to lie in the bed.

2. Tattoo Placement

Arabic Spine Tattoos Meaning

As I told earlier, the pain level greatly depends on the spot where you are about to get inked. This is not only true for spine tattoos for women. But, generally, bony areas don’t necessarily hurt more. And tender spots like inner thigh, inner arms etc are prone to intense pain.

3. Your Health

If you are a healthy person, then tattooing is not at all a big deal. But if she is not sure those you can tolerate the pain, never use any kind of drugs or alcohol before going to get the spine tattoos for women. Scientifically, alcohol and drugs to make your blood thinner and it will lead to increased bleeding and it will consequently end up in worst conditions. So never ever seek any methods to reduce pain.

4. Women Feel less Pain Than Men?

It depends on a man. But the artist says that women feel less pain than men. We can’t say that this is absolutely correct. We already mentioned the factors are depending on the pain level.

5. The Final Verdict

Are tattoos down the spine painful? Yeah…they are. I have already told you the reasons. The spine tattoos for women are usually longer and it takes more skin pricks and time. So you have to tolerate the pain for more time than other tattoos.

Natural Tattoos Down the Spine

But whatever it is. If you are crazy about getting tattoos down the spine, then proceed. The only thing is that you have to tolerate pain for some time and you’ll be done. Actually, this article is not intended to motivate her from getting spine tattoos for women, but for general awareness for beginners.

We hope you have got nice information about tattoos down the spine you want.

Flowers Spine Tattoos For Women

Lotus Flower Spine Tattoo

Lotus flower tattoos down the spine with abstract style to the more unique designs. Lotus flowers tattoo have different meanings depending on its color, but in General, it is associated with purity and spiritual enlightenment.

Red Lotus is generally means purity and devotion. Both of these are also often associated with women.

Rose Spine Tattoo

Use colors that are more soft and feminine to complement your design. This is flowers and other colors in addition to the flowers, pink shadows give more life on the spine tattoos for women design.

Roses Down Spine Tattoo

Other roses down spine tattoos but this one is much more delicate and smaller.

Spine Tattoos Flowers

These beautiful flowers are very suitable for tattoos down the spine. The flowers themselves are sticking in the back of the top so she can easily show them off with some type of clothing. The rods could then lay out to spine tattoos for women.

Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo

Plus this is a design that can easily catch the eye of peoples. Flower tattoo with watercolor technique best to show the beauty and fragility of you as a woman.

Floral Spine Tattoos for Women

A simple watercolor tattoo but this is very soothing design that is great for anyone who wants.

Watercolor tattoos can be an inspiration for your choice too. That looks like a flower. The best thing about the tattoo-inspired watercolors is a splash of bright colors and pastels. This is actually a difficult style to find a good tattoo artist.

Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoos for Women

Sometimes tattoo designs do not need a shape or image that is for sure. Smoke style beautiful a watercolor of various colors just proves it.

Mandala Spine Tattoos For Women

Mandala Spine Tattoo

Symbol Mandala is not just a circle, this can also as the flower symbol, but they are have meaning the same; Unity, eternity and completeness.

Floral Spine Tattoos for Women

This is a symbol is not only full of the meaning of knowledge. Due, this is one of the great designs by mandala spine tattoos for women. Usually, it’s made with the colorful, but not for now. But, we have symmetry and geometric design will actually make you see it amazed (maybe).

Small Spine Tattoos Mandala

Mandala tattoos are very popular for back especially tattoos down the spine. It feels like there are alignments of stars and destiny just waiting to unfold myself.

Tribal Spine Tattoos for Females

Tribal Spine Tattoos For Females

This stunning abstract tattoos will make you feel have wings (Yes, only one) or perhaps the discovery of the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Infinity sign by character same with spine tattoos for women that look sketchy. Who knows what you hide in that tattoo?

Clock Tattoos Down the Spine

The design of these smaller tribes may not really mean but a beautiful tattoo with designs that Captivate.

This tribal design doesn’t really have a specific message or symbolism. But that could depend on you and its just beautiful and unique designs for the unique and beautiful.

Geometric Spine Tattoos for Women

Tattoos down the spine in this beautiful feel like there’s wonderful magic that flows out of you. This is very simple but majestic. Perfect tribal spine tattoos for women anywhere out there.

Could be a color or shape, but the design itself will make you really think. This mystical and you don’t want to turn their gaze away from her.

Feminine Spine Tattoos for Women

Feminine Spine Tattoos

Airbrush style tattoo that this delicate shows excerpts as a small tree trunk was young. It can convey to you growing up words that you really believe in.

Spine Tattoos Quotes

This spine tattoos design may seem simple. But the design is difficult because it is done by creating small dots that can fill up the back and make the area more light or dark.

Arrow Spine Tattoo

Tattoos down the spine designs will get you thinking about patterns of India you normally see on Court. If there is a design that can make you feel elegant every time, this is it.

Tattoo Down Spine

Have a beautiful flowers garden in the spine tattoos for women. Each flower tattoo can have different meanings and these can also represent who you are as a person.

Combining design with the quote for your tattoos down the spine is also a good idea. You can choose a quote or your motto in life; basically, something that makes you stand strong and tall.

Combine flowers with the feminine character as tattoos down the spine. These characters can convey your message but you should try to consult an expert so you don’t make a mistake with your character. Do pick your favorite one and go with it. Do you want more spine tattoos for women of a different theme? We’ll get back soon.

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