Spring Essentials For Every Tattoo Artist


Our curated selection of Spring Essentials showcases the top picks and choices from the industry, aimed at enhancing the precision, comfort, and overall experience for both artists and clients.

True Tubes

True Membrane Cartridge Needles are the epitome of precision and reliability in tattooing. Crafted with the highest quality materials and equipped with a true membrane system, these needles ensure consistent ink flow and prevent backflow for a seamless tattooing experience. Their superior design and construction make them a favorite among professional tattoo artists seeking unparalleled performance. Despite their premium quality, True Membrane Cartridge Needles are competitively priced, offering exceptional value for artists who demand the best without breaking the bank. Elevate your artistry with True Membrane Cartridge Needles today at www.truetattoosupply.com!


StarBrite Colors is and has been, one of the most popular inks in the world for our consistency and colorful selection! They have stood the test of time by staying bright in the skin many years later after receiving their tattoo.



Back pain. Neck pain. Shoulder pain. Face it, all tatooers suffer due to the posture tatooing put their bodies in. No more. NuChair relieves lower back stress, and the strains from leaning into your client. NuChair’s fully adjustable geometry opens the hips, and the front support holds your weight, relieving the pain you’re used to feeling. You’ll experience comfort you’ve never felt before, even after long all-day sessions. Read our website reviews, and IG comments @getnuchair. Use code INKEDMAG at checkout for $50 off your order. Extend your career and improve your quality of life. Get rid of the back pain today. Order your NuChair at www.nuchair.com

Kajaste Machines

Introducing the Kajaste x Malm Aurora Tattoo Machine, a fusion of durability and design elegance. Designed in collaboration with Jari Kajaste and tattoo artists Torsten and Kätlin Malm, this machine embodies tattooing excellence. With precise control and the innovative Stable Impact system ensuring consistent power and stroke regardless of technique or skin area. With features like the Kajaste Smart Touch, this Finnish-made masterpiece offers not just performance, but an experience tailored for the discerning artist. It’s not merely a machine; it’s The Machine, ushering tattoo art into a new era of excellence.

Beauty Inkstitute


The Beauty INKstitute is an online PMU & Tattoo education company made for Artists who want to practice elevating their skills. Our INKlusive pre-printed silicone skins have become a tool for every apprentice. Shop our premium tattoo starter kits and skins only at www.beautyinkstitute.com. Use special Inked Magazine code “inkedpromo” for 10% off your order.

Dash Medical

Attention tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike! 30% OFF all Black Maxx Gloves – Use Promo Code: INKED324 | 2 case minimum. Black Maxx Family of Gloves by DASH – your go-to choice for comfort, quality, and affordability in the tattooing world! As a leader in the market, DASH understands the importance of precision and protection. With Black Maxx gloves, you can focus on your artistry without compromising on comfort or safety. Elevate your tattooing experience with gloves that offer unparalleled durability and flexibility, all at competitive prices. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Choose Black Maxx today and let your creativity soar!


Say farewell to shadows and hello to CosmoGlo! Our innovative curved design provides wrap-around illumination, enhancing accuracy and precision to elevate your craft and set you apart from your competition. In today’s digital age, quality content is essential for showcasing your work and attracting new clients. Every light comes with a custom content clip to capture your stunning art with perfect lighting. Effortlessly position your light with our rotatable halo,  lighting up every detail. Our diffuser shield reduces glare and enhances the visibility of your tattoo ink without emitting heat, ensuring comfort during extended tattoo sessions. Join the tattoo industry leaders who’ve already made the switch to CosmoGlo – your artwork deserves it!

Ink Permanent

Cleanskin Tattoo Wipes: Elevate your tattooing sessions with our innovative, all-in-one, pre-soaked antibacterial wipes. Designed for artists seeking efficiency and precision, these wipes remove the hassle of mixing soap solutions, providing a sterile, clutter-free workspace with each use. Say goodbye to the traditional green soap, bottles, and paper towels—especially the latter, which can scratch clients’ skin during procedures. Our wipes are formulated with natural ingredients and are free from alcohol, fragrances, and lint, ensuring they’re gentle on skin while safeguarding your artwork’s vibrancy and promoting swift healing. Ideal for tattoos, piercings, and microblading, Cleanskin wipes not only save time but also enhance your artistic process by being exceptionally skin-friendly. Embrace the convenience tailored for professionals and notice the remarkable difference in your work with Cleanskin Wipes for tattooing—where your art and client comfort receive the utmost care.

We Make Artists

WEMAKEARTISTS, the world’s largest online tattoo training platform, offering unparalleled learning opportunities to both budding and experienced tattoo artists. With over 15 topnotch workshops led by the globe’s leading tattoo mentors, WEMAKEARTISTS has amassed over 60 hours of exclusive HD video content. This platform isn’t just a treasure trove for over 4,000 satisfied learners worldwide; it offers a wide array of courses covering everything from basic techniques to advanced specialized skills. By fostering a vibrant community with live Q&A sessions and enabling learning anytime, anywhere, WEMAKEARTISTS elevates the art and craft of tattooing to a new level. Inked Magazine highly recommends WEMAKEARTISTS as the go-to choice for anyone looking to expand their tattoo skills and join a global movement of tattoo artists.

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