Stunning Digital Black and White Photos


The Black and White Photographer’s Handbook is a comprehensive guide to taking and processing stunning black and white photos in the digital age. You’ll find inspiration, ideas, techniques, and tools to use in your black-and-white photography, along with a nutty soup workflow that takes you from black-and-white preview to capture and post-production. Along the way, he will lean over Harold’s shoulder as he travels to exciting photo destinations and creates stunning black and white images, explaining his creative and technical processes as he goes.

This definitive guide includes:

■ How to view in black and white

■ Preview in digital photography

■ Understand black and white composition

■ How to create your own black and white workflow

■ Black and white in ACR, Lightroom, and Photoshop

■ Use of black and white plug-ins, including Nik Silver Efex Pro and Topaz B&W Effects

■ Widening the tonal range with multi-RAW processing and monochrome HDR ■ Post-production techniques for working with dynamic range

■ Creative black and white special effects

■ Find out how to tone, dye, color, solarize and simulate IR

■ Work with LAB to create unique black and white effects ■ Great tools to unleash your photographic imagination

■ Beautiful photographs of Harold Davis chosen to inspire and guide you

Photographer's Black and White Handbook

Editorial reviews

“In the color-obsessed digital universe, black and white functionalities go beyond the limited powers of a desaturation slider. Davis looks at them in detail … Perhaps the most compelling hallmark of this book is its bias. editorial. It’s as much about communication as it’s about technique, with an emphasis on the stories that accompany Davis’s powerful photos. ” — Rangefinder Magazine

“In The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook, Harold Davis reveals a universe of digital conversion tools that apply to all genres, emphasizing not just technique but the unique editorial history that accompanies each of his powerful illustrations.” — Focus Review, January Rangefinder 2017

“Exceptionally knowledgeable, completely ‘user-friendly’ in organization and presentation, exceptionally well written. Of special interest are the beautiful photographs that Harold Davis chose from his own work to inspire and guide aspiring photographers.” — Midwest Book Review

“By skillfully balancing technical information with creative concerns, Davis’s guide will help readers make better black-and-white photographs.” — Library Journal

“Harold Davis is the black and white digital equivalent of Ansel Adams ‘traditional wet photography. Adams would be in awe of Davis’ work. In the Black and White Photographer’s Handbook, Davis presents a large number of his photographs, and practically each one is a masterpiece, ready for gallery or museum display. Despite the coffee table quality of this volume, Davis intended to give us a teaching tool, a manual for serious digital photographers. ” — Seattle Book Review

About the Author

Harold Davis is a professional photographer and digital artist whose work is widely collected. He is the author of many best-selling photography books, including Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer, Creating HDR Photos, Photographing Flowers, The Photoshop Darkroom, and The Way of the Digital Photographer. According to Rangefinder magazine, “Harold is a man of amazing abilities and eclectic accomplishments.” Harold is an ambassador for Zeiss Lens and has been recognized as a Moab master for his handcrafted fine art prints. He is a popular workshop leader. Harold’s website is

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