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By Si Si Penaloza 

David Beckham’s early drive towards a childhood dream led him to become one of the most acclaimed, beloved, and successful players in the history of the game. With three major clubs on his résumé and 115 selections in the English football team, 59 as captain, he left a major legacy in the sport: six Premier League titles, two Major League Soccer cups, one time Champion of Spain and one-time UEFA Champion.

The dashing Brit has a unique style all his own, so mind-blowingly precise and spectacular when shining through in his career-best clutch moments. His efficient passes, extraordinary timing and supreme target accuracy proved a winning trifecta on the field. By daring to go all the way, even when under insurmountable pressure, Beckham wrote himself into the history books.

As a player, he reinvented himself every game. Sure, he’s retired from professional sports, but his most meaningful work happened off the pitch anyway. His philanthropic efforts focus on the protection and welfare of children worldwide. A long-time UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, he dedicates his energy and time to the health and education of children in Africa.

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As one of the most admired athletic heroes of all time, Beckham, 46, has drawn broad support for his causes. In a bold move this past March 2022, using his social media reach in the interest of global security, Beckham gave control of his Instagram account to a Ukrainian doctor in the city of Kharkiv. According to BBC News, Dr. Iryna, head of a regional perinatal center, spent her “takeover” day posting videos about the vital work medical professionals are doing in the midst of the conflict. Beckham has more than 71 million followers on Instagram. Ever the out-of-the-box thinker—even on the humanitarian front—he is savvy enough to know his greatest power as a sports legend is his platform and voice. Sometimes it’s really not all about you, it’s about the valuable audience you bring to a conversation. The star said he wanted to highlight the “amazing work Iryna and health workers like her are doing to save lives in Ukraine.”

One of the main reasons Beckham remains so relevant post-retirement is that he is continually reinventing himself. Constantly open to evolution, he is the most inventive diplomat of the game and one of the hardest-working players in the history of football. Even when rehabilitating an injury, or on loan to another team, he trained harder than most, never resting on his considerable laurels or playing the “Beckham card.”

Photo courtesy of Tudor Watch USA

A man with a soft spot for sartorial classics, Beckham has a sophisticated eye and an insatiable taste for the finer things. “Especially as an Englishman, I think you really appreciate a nice suit and a nice watch. They go very well together,” he said on the occasion of partnering with Tudor. A devout wristwatch aficionado and collector, he came to know Tudor through its sister brand, Rolex, of which he owns several timepieces. “I was attracted to Tudor by the attention to detail I could see in their watches. I then learned about the history of the brand. One of adventure, pioneer diving and daring expeditions. I was instantly hooked,” he admits. Beckham sports the Black Bay S&G, a vintage-inspired steel and gold diver’s watch as well as the Black Bay Chrono, a COSC-certified chronograph with column-wheel manufacture caliber drawing upon Tudor’s diving and motorsports heritage.

As a famous footballer and global style icon, Beckham’s life journey draws parallels with the daring values that established Tudor as the prestige watchmaker it is today. Tudor’s “Born To Dare” spirit is supported globally by ambassadors whose life achievements directly result from a daring approach to life. Beckham has been a solid fit since Tudor welcomed him to its family.

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What’s next for this absolute juggernaut? Beckham recently announced he’s entering the world of blockchain, NFTs and metaverse; he’s the newly minted Global Ambassador for DigitalBits Blockchain. As a prominent athlete-turned-businessman, Beckham will help communicate the transformative power of the DigitalBits blockchain to consumers and brands worldwide. As DigitalBits is the Blockchain for brands, Beckham will utilize his extensive experience working with global brands including Adidas, Maserati, Tudor, Sands, Diageo and EA.

Photo courtesy of Tudor Watch USA

Beckham’s digital presence is considered one of the most influential in the world; his annual impressions surpass 9 billion across Instagram and Facebook. Beckham’s passion for connecting with his fans in innovative ways is a driving force behind this initiative. Blockchain technology enables talent to engage with fans and followers, creating digital assets like NFTs that can best reflect visceral and memorable moments on an entirely new level. Beckham will launch a series of NFTs and other Blockchain-based digital assets, exclusively minted on the DigitalBits blockchain, providing new experiences for fans worldwide. He remarked, “The moment I spoke with Al and the DigitalBits team, I knew that this was a major opportunity to create new experiences for my fans online. I have always taken pride in working with the best teams and I am so excited to work on my NFT collections and more innovations in the future.” In the world of ambassadorial roles, it simply doesn’t get bigger and bolder than Beckham.

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