Sunny Sweeney Celebrated Her Wedding by Tattooing a Reminder of Anniversary Date on Arm : Tattoo Blog


Sunny Sweeney is an American music artist has got married on 11 November 2011 with Austin, Texas police officer Jeff Helmer. She celebrated her wedding by tattooing a reminder of her anniversary date on her left hand bicep.


Sunny Sweeney New “XI” Tattoo On Her Bicep

The gorgeous music artist showed off her tattoo of the Roman Numeral “XI” via Twitter.

Sweeney fan asked: “Is it because you got married on 11/11/11? Super Cute !”. The famous singer Sweeney says this is her eighth or ninth tattoo, including the star that’s also pictured. It’s not clear if that is part of the new ink job, but the ink does not look fresh as the ‘XI’.

The glamorous Singer sunny Sweeney has eight or nine tattoos on her body, including star that also showed in the picture with her new tattoo. Some text tattoo on her right hand wrist. One bird tattoo on her right hand biceps.


Text Tattoo And Bird Tattoo On Right Hand

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