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Rules for mixing and blending colors for Tattoo

1} White can be mixed with any color.

2) Except for white, leave purple alone.

3) Ked, orange and yellow can be mixed and mixed.

4) Browns mix well with orange, red, yellow, and white.

5) Make gray by mixing white * with black or adding distilled water to black.

Spectacular effects can be achieved by mixing the colors on the fur by letting one color flow into the nest. This is a rainbow effect, and the color ranges in a rainbow are a good guide to remember the combination scheme.

  • Purpul
  • Red
  • Orange rainbow colors
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

Any color can be mixed with the color that is next to it in the rainbow. You can also mix different color values ​​of the same color. Between the two colors there will be an area with the two mixed colors. This is where the two points meet and blend. For example, let’s color a sheet. The outline of the leaf is done and has a black shading down the stem. The color is made darker (the black and black shading) and now some green should be added. It will go from a black shading down the stem to a dark green, fading to a light green, and then a little velvety around the very edge. 

It’s okay to color over the shading as the black shading will show through. Machine wash and needles very well (prescribed elsewhere) and tattoo in dark green around the shading, just above the shading and pushing it towards the edge. Leave room for the other green. Machine wash and tattoo in the light green. Color lightly over dark green and color the sheet almost to the edges, perhaps slightly blurring the edges. Machine wash and add yellow or white, mixing it with light green. Clean with green spray soap and coat each color change with Vaseline. A super color mix is ​​achieved the right way and should be practiced. It is best to do this combination in one go while the ink is still “wet” on the skin and the ink mixes much better this way.

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White is the last color you put on a tattoo. White pigment is lighter than human skin and will not remain pure white for long. It is a fickle color and is very subjective in the sun. tanning and skin tone change. State it in moderation on its own. Although it is particularly good for lightening other colors. Looks good on eyeballs Some nice results can be obtained by applying a tattoo to a white area, wait until it is fully healed and then place a tattoo on it in the usual way. 

It is also possible to do more subtle work like using a dry, colorless shade (put a very light coat or petroleum jelly on the needles) and a very light coat of dry. Powder red (or another color) on the skin and then sweep with your shade for a nice blush.

After you have finished a tattoo, it should be washed with green soap and sprayed with an alcohol solution. Now would be a good time to take some photos for the portfolio and then carefully bandage the tattoo. They look great when just finished. Everything bright and sharp. Tattoos look best when they are just finished and it is a good time to photograph them, in their best condition. Before taking a photo, make sure to dry the tattoo perfectly and not have petroleum jelly or the results will be a bad photo. 

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Choosing the right ink for tattoo

Ink plays an important role in creating your tattoo and your style. Depending on the brand and quality, you may also see better results, but also a higher cost. For example, the ink used even five years ago is not as good as some of the newer inks that are available today.

And depending on who makes the ink, there will be different ingredients and different levels of metals in the inks.

Here’s a breakdown of inks:


Black and blue These colors are the most popular for tattooing and are suitable for light, tanned and black skin. These colors are also the easiest to remove with a laser. Black is best for linework and color-containing work, and the most popular black ink is Silverback.

Red Many people are allergic to red ink. If you are not sure if you are allergic or not, ask the tattoo artist to make a dot of red ink on your foot. It will fade faster and you will know pretty quickly if you are allergic or not. In general, red ink tends to fade faster than dark colors over time.

Orange, yellow and purple

Yellow and orange can fade faster on pale skin and need to be rendered more frequently than darker colors. The same goes for purple. Purple can lose its intensity over time faster than black or blue.

White tattoo ink

White ink tattoos glow in UV light and are best suited for pale skin without freckles. They tend to fade faster and look more subtle, but can look like scars if done incorrectly.

Black light & Glow In The Dark UV tattoos, also known as glow-in-the-dark tattoos, are made with ink that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light (black light). The ink can cause allergic reactions and the FDA has not officially approved the use of these inks. If you are not sure whether you are allergic or not, ask the tattoo artist to make a small dot on your foot first.

Choosing the color of your tattoo is just as important as the image itself. The theme, size and tone of your skin play an important role in choosing the appropriate color, and it is something to discuss in your consultation. The tattoo artist should be able to suggest the most suitable color for you based on your skin tone.

You can choose a colored tattoo or a black and gray tattoo done with black ink, possibly with added white ink highlights. If you’re looking for a burst of color, your individual skin tone will be the defining factor in choosing the most complementary shades – the lighter the skin, the bolder and brighter the colors appear. On the other hand, the darker the skin, the more challenging it will be to highlight different shades.


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