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With over 1 million followers on social media, digital media influencer laurendotcom is one of the most popular tattooed personalities on Instagram. What do we know about her?

laurendotcom: 1m Eyes on Her

Lauren Houldsworth aka Lauren Rose aka laurendotcom is one of the most followed tattoo models on Instagram. Amazing on its’ own, this isn’t her only social media outlet! Most of all, ahe is an astounding fashion blogger-slash-YouTuber with nearly 211 subscribers on her channel. Lauren also has more than 110,000 followers on Twitter.

From Make-up Tutorials to Mental Health Awareness

Since 2014 her vlogs and videos cover a wide range of topics. Hence, advanced make-up tutorials, thousands of product reviews, and important topics such as mental health awareness are among Lauren’s most-watched videos. She is also a photographer and a pro hairdresser. She used to work as a hair stylist for two years. After that, she took onto digital media and video blogging.

English Rose

She was born and raised in England. Lauren grew up in Lincolnshire and currently lives in London. Her beauty didn’t go unnoticed from an early age. Eager talent hunters from GIRL Management got their eyes on her as early as 18 years of age. She was first scouted to be a model right after high school. In conclusion, at 26 she is a quite successful social media celebrity with thousands of fans across the globe.

Suicide Girl

Her love of tattoos started rather early – as a teenager. Lauren has got some amazing tattoo work on her body. She has both her arms tattooed, as well as some ink on her legs, thighs, and back.

In addition, her interest in beautiful ink and modeling got her a deal with the infamous alternative model platform Suicide Girls. Her moniker there is… yep, you got it – Laurenn Suicide!

While her career as a World Wide Web celebrity is blooming, let’s finally take some time to appreciate her photos!

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