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Photographer:Christopher Kolk

Writer:Anne-Marie Pritchett

Location:Elysium Studios | Grand Junction,

COPhotography + Lighting Assistant:Katherine Payne

Wardrobe:Jennifer Daniels (lead) + London Carr (assistant)

Hair:Ammon Carver (lead) + Jessica Bishop (assistant)Make-Up:Melissa Evans (lead) + Sarah Smith (assistant)

Production:Noelle Brandt + Shea Montano


Ashley Patera, a BMW service advisor from Caldwell, Idaho, is all about family and tattoos. At 34 years old, she’s been married for four years and has seven kids. Ashley’s journey to happiness has been marked by overcoming addiction, and now, with seven years of sobriety under her belt, she’s fully embracing life. Ashley’s tattoos serve as a colorful narrative of her life, from covering past mistakes with flowers to sharing a “Ride or Die” tattoo with her husband. Her favorite piece, a red dragon, symbolizes her resilience and courage. Through her tattoos, she remembers her cousin Cassie and pays tribute to her late step-grandfather. Freddy Martinez, her tattoo artist from “Wasted Talent” in Boise, has been instrumental in bringing her ideas to life. Her message to readers is simple: Follow your dreams, take risks, and embrace life’s rewards. 

Instagram: @Paterashley1210 | FB: Ashley Patera


Cheyenne Wray’s life is a fierce fusion of tattoos, gridiron glory, and an esteemed role as kitchen manager at Texas Roadhouse in Fredericksburg, VA. In just a year, she’s amassed an impressive collection of nine tattoos, each etching a wild tale of her life and spirit onto her canvas. From a serpent coiled around a rose on her hip to a soul-stirring quote inked onto her thigh, her body art screams rebellion and self-expression. Cheyenne doesn’t just dabble; she dives headfirst into the hardcore realm as a relentless metalhead, passionate advocate for queer rights, and a powerhouse in women’s tackle football for nearly a decade, conquering positions as a center, D tackle, and long snapper. Her gridiron prowess led her to the pinnacle, winning national championships with the River City Sting in the semi-pro league. Cheyenne’s job fuels her fire, mirroring her love for tattoos and football, making her a dynamic, well-rounded, and unapologetically badass 21-year-old.

Instagram + TikTok: @c.wray73 | FB: Cheyenne Wray 


Jennifer Hatcher, a vibrant 39-year-old executive vice president of human resources for a Dental Management company, is also a dedicated mother of two,16-year-old Devin and 10-year-old Dominic. Jennifer’s tattoos aren’t just body art; they’re a testament to her transformation. Each one holds significance, from overcoming fear to embracing independence. Her tattoos are a unique blend of edgy and sensual, reflecting her dynamic personality. Jennifer’s journey began at 16 with a lower back tattoo that’s evolved over the years. Notable pieces include a lioness symbolizing newfound strength, a love for leopard prints expressed through ink, a unicorn capturing her girlish essence, and faith-affirming phrases that reflect her spiritual side. As she navigates life’s challenges, her tattoos serve as a reminder of resilience and the pursuit of a life where happiness takes center stage, inspiring others to do the same.

Instagram: @Missleopardlover_88


Rikki Fontenot is a tenacious force in the world of bodybuilding, with a remarkable journey that began in 2018, marked by numerous triumphs and prestigious titles. A single mother of four boys, her life story is a testament to an unwavering spirit and sheer resilience. Rikki’s tattoos tell stories etched in ink, each deeply personal and symbolizing a spiritual connection, with each new addition adding another meaningful chapter to her life. Meditation and grounding in nature are essential components of her daily routine, nurturing her fierce spirit and providing the strength to tackle life’s challenges. As she looks ahead, Rikki aims to create more quality time for herself and her children while managing her meal prep business, Prep Pro Nutrition. She firmly believes self-care is a non-negotiable part of life, ensuring she remains an unstoppable force in her bodybuilding journey, fueled by relentless dedication and determination.

Instagram: @rikkstyr


Brianna LoBue, a 26-year-old New Yorker, is a strikingly confident model with a rebellious edge and a powerful story. Each tattoo that covers her body represents a unique chapter in her journey to self-discovery and sobriety. “I fear nothing but myself” is inked on her ribs, a stark reminder of her battles. Many of her tattoos were initiated during darker days, but she’s since transformed them into powerful, intentional art pieces, symbolizing her healing journey. Brianna’s tattoos serve as a counter-narrative to societal stereotypes. She advocates for body positivity, emphasizing that showing skin doesn’t equate to objectification. Brianna’s story, including a remarkable weight loss of 80 pounds, is a testament to the transformative power of self-belief. She’s a powerful voice for authenticity and acceptance in an often judgmental world.

Instagram + TikTok: @briifreex | @royaltyinktattoos


Katlyn ‘Katy’ Llywellyn, a 30-year-old burn survivor residing in Pulaski, Virginia, has an inspiring story of resilience and self-acceptance. Katy‘s journey began with a tragic house fire at the age of 12 that left her with extensive burns (over 88% of her body), but her grandpa’s heroic efforts saved her life. Despite losing him and undergoing 112 surgeries, she emerged like a phoenix from the ashes. Her tattoos include a mythology empowerment sleeve, a main character sleeve, mermaid scales that creatively enhance her scars, and a sunflower in honor of her late grandfather. Katy finds purpose in her life by volunteering at the Central Virginia Burn Camp, where she helps young burn survivors navigate their challenges and build self-confidence. She believes in spreading the message that, despite life’s adversities, one can find strength and beauty in their uniqueness. She sees happiness in family, friends, and love, emphasizing that time and material possessions become insignificant when faced with a near-death experience. 

Instagram + TikTok: @searedtoperfection


Faite Jasmine, a 27-year-old business owner of Sublime Clean from Kelowna, British Columbia, is not just defined by her remarkable journey of resilience but also by the captivating stories etched into her skin. These tattoos serve as visual chapters in Jasmine’s life, each bearing profound significance. One tattoo, a symbol of protection, dates back to her troubled youth. This inked emblem was her way of fortifying herself against life’s storms. Another tattoo narrates the story of her awakening after losing a cherished partner. It signifies a pivotal moment of self-discovery and spiritual connection. In Faite’s story, her tattoos are not just art; they are symbols of her indomitable spirit and an inspiring reminder that we can find strength and meaning even in life’s most challenging moments.

Instagram: @faitejasmine

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