The Blond Tattooed Beauty – Rhian Harrington


Meet the tattooed beauty that is Rhian Harrington. She’s a young and inspirational lady who went through much pain to get her amazing body covered in ink.

Rhian, whose full name is Rhian Harrington-Yeoman, is a true Brit, although she’s lived in the USA for many years. As well as being a model,  Rhian also works as a make-up artist. She’s truly passionate about her work and she shares a lot of it online.

The tattoo passion of Rhian Harrington

Rhian’s passion for tattoos started in her school years. She got her first one, a “Siamese”guns piece on her stomach, when she was only 17. In the forthcoming years Rhian would take a lot of pain and long sessions to fulfill her constantly growing desire for ink. She has tattoos from her neck to her legs, but she’s certain about keeping her palms and soles of her feet plain. Meanwhile, Rhian has already inked the back of her hand and fingers.

The artists behind the tattoos

Most of Rhian’s tattoos are made by two tattoo artists – Diego Azaldegui and Matt Kolling. Diego is an artist from Leeds, where he’s developped his crazy traditional Japanese style. Rhian’s masterpiece, her amazing back tattoo was made by Diego.

The right mindset

Rhian is obviously a big tattoo lover but has an interesting opinion about tattoos and people obsessed with them. She says tattoos are important to her but she could definitely live without them. Rhian likes how tattoos look on her body but she doesn’t think that they define her life. As a heavily tattooed person she has also met the disapproval and negative comments from the society but she tries to keep those emotions away from her life.

Rhian Harrington has her own blog “Wife Life”. There she shares her life experiences and posts about her lifestyle, work and passion. It’s a very cool site so go check it out.

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