Inksquad Artist

The Inksquad Artist App is like a personal assistant, helping tattooers improve, manage, automate, and experiment with their projects’ color palettes. Pre-equipped with more than 400 colors, amateur and expert ink artists alike have ready-to-use hues at their disposal. Need to match a color? Just import a Photoshop, Illustrator, or Procreate file. The app will create an Inkboard folder, pinpoint the necessary pigment for your patrons’ projects, and then automatically create a full palette of the best color matches in your sketch, drawing, or image. From there, shades of the existing colors are generated in the app’s Matrix and Wheel tabs for advanced color study, experimentation, and blending. Also, artists can crop, resize, and print stencils using the generated images. Inksquad developers plan to release a customer management system to assist in client communications, scheduling, and calendar management; create an AI-based image generation system; and introduce a platform where artists can share discoveries. The app is available only for iPad and no subscription is needed.


Established in 2022 by renowned tattoo artist London Reese, Ghostline revolutionized tattoo stencil creation and printing for tattoo artists worldwide. Recognized by TechCrunch, Ghostline ‘s innovative solution alleviates the time-consuming stencil process. By eliminating the hand-tracing step — a process that can add 30 to 90 minutes to your workload — you free up more time, allowing you to put your energy into other things. Boasting a pro team comprised of the world’s top-tier artists, Ghostline continues to elevate the tattoo industry with unparalleled innovation.


DaySmart Body Art functions as a practical assistant for your tattoo or piercing business. The all-in-one software simplifies managing appointments, handling payments, communicating with clients, and staying organized. Ditch the hassle of paper schedules or generic software not tailored for artists and take charge with a solution that has backed artists for more than two decades. Whether you’re independent or part of a larger team, DaySmart offers reliable support, helping you cut down on stress, save time, and work more efficiently.


Geometry and ornamental tattooers all over the world are using Geometrica on their iPads to create and elevate their designs. The first drawing app created for tattooers was made by second-generation and geometric tattoo pioneer Cory Ferguson. The groundbreaking symmetry features make it easy to create mandalas, fading patterns, spiral designs, and more. Geometrica is so enjoyable you won’t even realize you’re leveling up your career in the process. Multi-page printing, converting images to outlines, and six free patterns every month make this app a must-have.

NightCafé AI Tattoo Generator

Capture the exact essence you want to convey in your tattoo design. The NightCafé AI Generator wields the power to create limitless tattoo designs using advanced AI algorithms. Simply describe your vision to the generator to unveil results. Modify the description down to the minutest of details — from color scheme to style and complexity — until the generator reveals the masterpiece you created in your mind’s eye.



Lean on an experienced tattoo artist to bring to life the design you want inked on your skin. Just provide a brief description of your design and the people at Tattoodo will select compatible artists and studios for you to choose from. From there, pick your favorite, discuss the price, and schedule your session. Customers pay their deposit directly on the Tattoodo platform, which is applied toward the overall cost of the tattoo.


Get an inkling of how ink will look on your skin using only a smart device. Once the InkHunter virtual tattoo app is downloaded, users can analyze the intricacies of how their tattoo will present when — and if — they decide to get inked. Just draw a square smile on your skin; select a gallery image or use your own sketch; and the AI program immediately displays the virtual tattoo on your skin. Continue modifying the design until you’re delighted.

Apple Vision Pro

Do an online search for “Apple Vison Pro Tattoo” and videos of Vison Pro-wearing tattoo artists will pop up on your results page. While wearing the specs, tattooers zoom in on imagery and sketches to access the finer details of the artwork while simultaneously inking their clients. Apple Vision Pro opens a new realm of possibilities with assets such as pointer control, surround sound, a virtual office, built-in apps, and otherworldly environments.

Fotor AI Tattoo Generator

Fotor’s AI Tattoo Generator can help you create the tattoo you always longed for. And the process is simple. Go to the Fotor website, click on “Generate Tattoo with AI Now,” choose the “From Image” or “From Text” option at the top of the lefthand toolbar, type in detailed information in the text box, and an image will generate. Make modifications to your description until the ideal image is generated, then save the image to share with your tattooist.

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