Bespoke jewelry is a beautiful adornment, and the human connection to these handmade treasures is unexplainable. But imagine: what if the accessories we wear could not only incorporate an aesthetic quality but offer a snapshot of our beloved memories? In an effort to preserve historical nuances and rediscover the nostalgia of one’s past, the Qannati brand was born. This artisan acknowledges time-keeping rather than time-telling, implying that it’s not necessarily about the jewelry’s function, but rather, the journey through time.

“Nothing in Qannati is random or just for the beauty of a piece,” states Qannati’s founder and CEO, Mahmood Qannati. The Bahrain-born entrepreneur has always had a passion for exotic objects and a desire to reimagine artifacts of his own. Mahmood, as a profound intellectual and creative artist, has sought to revive a timeless tradition that, he claims, is ancient history. So he felt compelled to start a brand that unveiled the narrative. “We help customers choose a moment they treasure from their lives, and we transform that moment into a personalized precious art object that you can wear on your wrist,” explains Mahmood.

While perusing the iconic Louvre museum in Paris, France, Mahmood discovered an artifact that put him on a quest for success. While gazing amongst treasures from the Mesopotamian era, he found an unfamiliar symbol worn on both wrists of ancient kings. He soon found that it was an emblem of royal divinity and power, called the Flower of Life. It took only a few short moments for him to discover that this would soon be the foundation of his brand, Qannati. “I realized that I am not inventing something new. I am bringing it back to life after more than 5000 years,” says Mahmood, and he adds,“This level of boldness in high jewelry has never been done before.”

Qannati’s debut collection, Celebration of Time, consists of 13 beautifully-handcrafted objects designed to be worn on the wrist. The collection boasts two parts: seven eternity bracelets and six quantum timepieces. The idea is to wear both the eternity bracelet and watch on one wrist, or one on each wrist, or gift one of them to a partner. Aside from what these pieces symbolize, they feature remarkable construction and breathe an air of rich complexity into your jewelry collection. Each bracelet or watch entices shoppers with intricate leatherwork along the strap or band. Some of the elements used are genuine python, stingray, and alligator skins. The closure transforms the clasp into a decorative design over a functional one. It’s set with a variety of striking raw materials like carbon fiber, mother of pearl, and meteorite fragments.

Each Qannati piece is specially customized from start to finish. By use of artfully-crafted gemstones and other exotic materials, the designs not only feel personal to each customer, but reveal a unique connection between the customer’s memories and the vastness of time prior to those memories. These handcrafted items conceptualize a peculiar nature that draws from an enchanting energy.

“In the field of high jewelry, brands find rare gemstones, and then they create masterpieces around these gemstones,” comments Mahmood, and further explains,“We do the complete opposite. We design the masterpiece and then search the world to find the right gemstone or material.”

While searching every crevice of the earth could seem like a daunting task, the team at Qannati views it as the most influential component during the creation process. The brand regularly travels the world, participates in auctions, and has a vast network of suppliers. The team at Qannati even mines gemstones themselves in exotic locations to achieve the perfect finishing touch to their project. Raw materials like dinosaur bones and fossils give antiquated appeal to awe-inspiring works of art. The result is undeniably breathtaking jewelry that is made just for you.

Luxury jewelry for men is a growing niche, and personalization continues to be the most vital aspect of the search. Qannati recognizes that male buying habits are changing in a post-pandemic society, and this includes higher demand for unisex styles. Men are seeking to place their confidence and identity in fine jewelry after feeling incapable of self expression when in lockdown. “Men are very sentimental with their jewelry.” Mahmood says. “They also prefer their wrists as real estate to show who they truly are.”

According to market research firm Euromonitor International, the men’s jewelry market was valued at $6.5 billion in 2021, up 17 percent compared to 2020. This continues to rise as men educate themselves on the possibilities within the jewelry market and seek out bespoke artisans who can make their vision come to life.

But like any business, there was trial and error in the beginning to acquire the high level of design they desired. “We worked with delicate materials that broke easily and had to repeat the workmanship a few times till we got it right,” admits Mahmood.

In terms of what to expect in the coming months, the team at Qannati envisions a bright future where they will push the boundary of storytelling and craftsmanship to new heights. They have had communications with various brands for collaborations and are working diligently on the release of a second collection.

When asked what Mahmood’s favorite piece from Qannati was, the nostalgia set in as he proceeded to share his own personal account, and similarly, Qannati’s mission. His favorite piece ever made was set with a striking emerald centerpiece. Each time he gazes into the mesmerizing gem from a 90-degree angle and sees his reflection, it escorts him to a distant memory of holding his mother’s hand in the streets of Hamburg, Germany. This is a moment he hopes customers will also experience when they receive the Qannati piece of their dreams.

Art reinvigorates the soul, and the effect of wearable art is even more powerful. The Qannati story tells the electrifying narrative from the perspective of one man’s journey and a call from the universe. But it’s the history behind the narrative that makes it so compelling. While we can’t actually stop time, the team at Qannati has reimagined the business model – revisiting memories and salvaging sacred moments to the ends of time.

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