Three of the best places to get a butterfly tattoo on your body


Wrist Tattoo
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Up there in terms of popularity with the likes of skull tattoos, heart tattoos, and dragon tattoos, people everywhere have future plans to add a butterfly tattoo to their bodies. One issue with this common tattoo choice, though, is that it can be tough finding the very best area of the body to add it to.

An understandable choice given the beauty butterflies possess, a butterfly tattoo can represent a variety of meanings. These stunning winged creatures can symbolize freedom, love, betterment, and loads more. People adore them in insect-themed documentaries, they might’ve grown up with movies like Alice in Wonderland and A Bug’s Life, while slot games like Jade Butterly by Pragmatic Play are the inspiration behind many butterfly-themed pieces of ink. They can look great, too, although where to position your particular butterfly design is hugely important.

Body placement is one of the most important aspects of any tattoo mission. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you, but in order for your chosen design to look its very best, there are some ideal parts of the body to mull over. If you’re considering getting inked by a reputable studio and you need some placement inspiration ahead of your visit to a talented artist, then below is a look at three of the best places to get a butterfly tattoo on your body.

Front of shoulder

First and foremost, we’re jumping in at the deep end here with a position that doesn’t work for everyone. Although a front of shoulder tattoo will be staring back at you in the mirror, a butterfly-themed creation can really shine in this area. While the back or side of your shoulder can also do the job, it doesn’t possess enough space when compared to the front deltoid. This particular part of your shoulder works well for a variety of designs, butterflies included, and it will enable the message behind your tattoo to be with you at all times compared to other favored areas where you’ll rarely be able to see it. For people with a fascination in butterflies and their meaning, front of shoulder is the ideal place.

Lower back

Lower Back Tattoo
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Despite lower-back tattoos having somewhat of a bad reputation with some people, don’t let that put you off. Fact is, no matter where you decide to place your favorite design, there will always be doubters out there who simply won’t like it. That’s fine, though, it isn’t for them. As such, it’s therefore important that you choose an area of the body that works for you and the tattoo in question, making the lower back an ideal solution for many people and tattoo artists alike. This perfect canvas for certain tattoo designs is well worth considering despite what the naysayers might say. Ultimately, you want to enhance your body with a stunning piece of art, and that can only be achieved if it’s inked onto the very best area of your body. The lower back might divide opinion, but it still works for millions of people and thousands of designs.

On the hand above the wrist

For most small tattoos, the hand above the wrist is a great area to opt for. Depending on the size of your particular butterfly piece, the carpus is a position to consider as it will enable your piece of art to shine brightly as you make various movements with your hand throughout the day. While a big piece most definitely wouldn’t fit on this part of the body, a subtle dose of butterfly-themed art can and it has the potential to look perfect.

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