Top 3 Tattooed Football Players Who Enjoy Spending Time in Casinos


Football holds a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts worldwide. Adding another dimension to the game, tattoos often give fans a peek into their favorite athletes’ personal lives, beliefs, and aspirations. Beyond mere ink, tattoos can be channels of self-expression and even an escape from the intense pressures of the sport. Similarly, the best betting sites offer football players an exhilarating diversion from their regimented training schedules. 

Here are three prominent footballers known for their love for tattoos and the thrill of the casino.

Daniele de Rossi

Daniele de Rossi is primarily associated with AS Roma. He is a former Italian national player and is no stranger to tattoos. His visit to tattoo artist David Cotes in February 2016 led to an inked portrait of himself, while his right calf boasts an audacious Teletubbies-themed tattoo, signaling his confrontational spirit on the pitch. 

But the ink isn’t the only thing that keeps De Rossi occupied off the field. Tracing back to 1994, De Rossi’s association with casinos is profound. Video poker at casinos captures his interest, reflecting his content yet impassioned gambling approach. While he retired from professional football, his legacy as a footballer, with tattoos and a penchant for the casino, remains unshaken.


Football enthusiasts recognize Neymar as much for his nimble footwork as for his iconic fashion statements. While his on-field heroics are undisputed, Neymar’s vibrant personality comes alive in the artwork adorning his body. Over 40 tattoos inked by Adao Rosa tell stories about Neymar’s life, echoing his journey and passions. Whether it’s the homage to his sister Rafaella, the superhero inspirations like Batman and Spiderman, or tributes to triumphant moments in the Champions League and Olympics, each tattoo has a tale to tell. 

Furthermore, Neymar’s adoration for poker is no secret. Engaging in games with friends and marking significant victories, Neymar seamlessly combines his love for football, tattoos, and casinos.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton, known for his skill on the football field, also carries a reputation for controversies. While his athletic achievements are notable, Barton’s passion for sports betting often raised eyebrows, especially given the rules prohibiting professionals from wagering on their games. 

However, Barton’s tattoo journey provides a glimpse into his psyche. He believes tattoos have significantly influenced his decision-making, for better or worse. 

Notably, Barton proudly wears a Sanskrit tattoo, Balwant, symbolizing might and strength, and a two-faced wolf tattoo gracing his calf. Barton’s open discussions about the meanings behind his tattoos and his penchant for sports betting showcase a complex personality woven with football threads, tattoos, and casinos.

Final Thoughts

Football, tattoos, and casinos play a big part in the lives of these three famous players. For them, tattoos are more than ink on the skin – they’re emblematic of personal journeys, victories, challenges, and identities. Simultaneously, casinos provide these athletes with a much-needed respite from the demanding world of professional football, allowing them to indulge in the exhilaration of the game in a different setting.

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