Top Bearded Model – Josh Mario John


So under the spotlight today is the Canadian model, Josh Mario John. He’s one of the top bearded models out there right now. We suggest you follow him, just to make your day happier.

Josh Mario John is 32 years old, from Ontario. In just a couple of years his fame spread so much there are now people who tattoo his face on their bodies.

Josh Mario John claims to be just an ordinary person, with a normal life and normal friends. He took his Master degree in experimental psychology, and apart from being a professional model, and working for several agencies, Josh is also a clinician. During the day he works in a child welfare agency where the tattoos don’t seem to be a problem.

Josh himself says tattoos have never played a negative role in his life. He has met disapproval, but never let other’s people opinion be that significant to him. Josh decided to graduate psychology and develop his professional skills, not only to prove tattoos are not an obstacle in life but to turn himself into better and peaceful person.

He says he’s a quiet man, preferring to speak only when he has something to say. He’s also a cat lover, which makes women even crazier about him. Josh has 3 cats, and he’s planning to have a tattoo of one of them, called Sparta.


Josh started his career as a model thanks to his social media accounts. They were more tattoo orientated in the beginning, having some followers, until he teamed up with several Toronto photographers. Josh started to shoot sessions and as you can guess, it wasn’t hard to break through. Compared to other bearded, tattooed models, Josh Mario John somehow pops out with his Scandinavian looks and masculine glamor.


Now let’s talk about tattoos. Josh has his body heavily covered with some well and precisely done old school tattoos. On his back he has a large-scale color tattoo of Americana snake, on his chest you see a complicated tattoo with bird’s wing and he has tiger head on his stomach. Josh’s first tattoo was his right arm sleeve, and his favorite tattoos are those on his hands.

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