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In the vast category of Sak Yant tattoos, the Yant Dok Bua Chok is a potent symbol of prosperity and good fortune

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Etched with deep spiritual meanings and blessings, this design is a favorite for those looking to align themselves with success in life and positive energy


The Yant Dok Bua Chok, written in Thai script as ยันต์ดอกบัวโชค, is depicted as a meticulously crafted lotus

In Buddhist traditions, the lotus stands as an emblem of purity, rebirth, and spiritual awakening

With the Yant Dok Bua Chok, this lotus evolves to signify abundance, luck, and forward momentum in life

In the center is a symbol you may recognize, called the “Om”

The “Om” symbol is a sacred sound and spiritual icon that traces its origins to ancient India

Revered in various religious traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, it embodies the essence of the universe and the totality of all creation

Om signifies the union of mind, body, and spirit, and it is considered the sound of the universe, encompassing all words and sounds in human language

In the context of Sak Yant designs, the inclusion of the Om symbol amplifies the spiritual potency of the tattoo

The vibration of the Om is believed to harmonize the physical forces with the emotional forces and the spiritual forces

Its presence in Sak Yant designs serves as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings and the universe, acting as a spiritual guide for the wearer in their journey towards enlightenment and self-realization


Embracing the Yant Dok Bua Chok is a commitment to your aspirations for growth and affluence

The tattoo is believed to:

  • Amplify Prosperity: Serving as a catalyst for business endeavors and professional growth, this Yant helps you to be open to an influx of prosperity
  • Magnetize Good Fortune: Acting as a beacon for luck, it ensures serendipity is always on the wearer’s side
  • Facilitate Career Growth: It paves the way for professional success, ensuring opportunities and recognition align with the wearer’s path


Central to the charm of Yant Dok Bua Chok is the integration of Khom script

This revered script, with roots extending to the ancient Brahmi script of India, holds a spiritual potency celebrated across Thailand and neighboring regions

In the context of the Yant Dok Bua Chok, the Khom script intensifies the tattoo’s spiritual efficacy and depth

Given the script’s distinct structure, it can’t be “read” in the sense most of us are used to

However, the embedded meanings and spiritual protections are traditions handed down by Sak Yant Masters over generations

So while we can’t tell you exactly what it “says” we are able to explain the meanings


At ALL DAY Tattoo, we are deeply committed to delivering authentic Sak Yant designs

Every design we offer is carefully sourced from respected Ajarns, ensuring its authenticity and spiritual significance

What sets us apart is our promise of a completely safe and serene tattooing experience, ensuring you’re at ease throughout the process

We stand firm in our principles of transparency and integrity, so rest assured, there are no fake “magic” ceremonies created purely for tourists

Instead, what we offer is an unparalleled tattoo experience that leaves lasting memories

With our experienced team, easily accessible location in Bangkok’s heart, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, we’ve positioned ourselves as the preferred choice for Sak Yant tattoos in the city

For any inquiries or to discuss your tattoo aspirations, our friendly English-speaking team is just a message away

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