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The Yant Namaha Samrej is a popular design in the genre known as Sak Yant tattoos, also known as “Thai Traditional” or “Sacred Thai” tattoos

In Thai script, this design is written “ยันต์นะมหาสำเร็จ”

As it isn’t always possible to translate certain Thai letters directly to English ones, you may also see it written as “Yant Namaha Samret” or “Yant Namaha Sumrej”

To learn more about Sak Yant in general, you can check out our comprehensive page here

The meaning of the words “Yant Namaha Samrej” in English is “massive success in everything”

Well, that sounds great!

But what does it really mean?

In this article we’re going to delve into this design in more detail and look at some reasons why you may choose to have this beautiful and meaningful design tattooed onto your body


The Yant Namaha Samrej is a Sak Yant design, believed to do far more than just appear as a “beautiful design”, rather it carries deep symbolism and meaning

The design itself incorporates various symbols and Khom script

Khom script is also known as “Khmer” and “Ancient Khmer” which is a writing system that was originally developed from the Brahmi script of ancient India

It has been used in various forms in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and parts of Vietnam and seen throughout the temple traditions in each country

It’s for this reason that, although nowhere near identical, the look and feel of modern script in these languages is quite similar

In the context of Sak Yant, the lettering is often in the form of Khom script

The script is believed to carry potent spiritual energy and is used to inscribe mantras, prayers and specific symbols, each carrying a unique meaning and blessing

The Khom script used in Sak Yant designs has been passed down through generations of “Ajarns” or “Masters”, preserving the ancient artform

The symbols inside the design aren’t “readable” in a way that we’re used to

Rather, the Ajarn who creates the design inserts various symbols in a specific way to provide the wearer with their intended protections, blessings or characteristics

For this reason, we can’t tell you exactly what the symbols “say”, however are able to explain the meaning behind the design


The Yant Namaha Samrej is literally translated to “Massive Success in Everything”

The design signifies the quest for ultimate success in all facets of life

This includes personal and professional endeavors, spiritual growth and relationships

It is meant to act as a potency symbol and reminder, inspiring the wearer to continue to strive towards their personal goals with determination

As we have already discussed the lettering or script found in the design, let’s look deeper at the other elements


The Unalome

These designs are sacred Buddhist symbols representing the path to enlightenment

The twists and turns of the unalome trace the path towards enlightenment and show us that it is not a straight line

There will be various set backs and challenges along the way and sometimes, we need to take one step back to take two steps forwards

The straight line towards the end of this journey represents becoming enlightened with a clear mind and spirit

In the Yant Namaha Samrej design there are various unalome that are set with two different orientations – vertical and horizontal

A vertical unalome is meant to convey the journey of trying to reach a higher spiritual state

A horizontal unalome shows that the spiritual journey must be undertaken with constant worldly experiences and distractions

By having both, the Yant Namaha Samrej conveys a dual path to spiritual enlightenment:

That through spiritual growth (vertical) and worldly experiences (horizontal) we can hope to find that which we seek


Geometric Mandala Shapes

In the center of the design you will see various circles and lines

These are a simple but effective way to include “mandala” elements into the design

These patterns are believed to be filled with an auspicious energy, drawing in the power of prosperity and success

To read more about mandalas and their meanings, you can check out this page 


The reason behind choosing this design will always be very personal, so don’t feel like you have to justify it to anyone!

Sak Yant tattoos are undeniably, a very spiritual genre in the tattooing world, with designs that include deep symbolism and meaning

However, for many, it serves simply as a reminder of Thailand and the experiences, people and places they want to remember from their time here

Thai people are almost universally proud to see people choosing to wear a symbol on their body that has so much history and meaning for their culture

For those that are invested in their own spiritual path, the Yant Namaja Samrej design can be an excellent choice

The symbols, meaning and power behind this design can be an excellent guide through your journey and remind you of what’s truly important


At ALL DAY Tattoo we have operated since the very beginning on the principle of being open and honest with our clients

We’re not going to sell you a story about how doing the tattoo in a certain way, or method, or with a blessing is in any way authentic

Because it isn’t

You can read more about that here

Our only aim is to give you a great tattoo, at a fair price, with a high level of both service and quality

With our highly trained, fluent English speaking team and Western Hygiene standards, you can relax through the process knowing that you’re in good hands

Our studio is easy to find, centrally located in the heart of Bangkok, within easy walking distance of the BTS skytrain

If you’re thinking about getting a Yant Namaja Samrej tattoo, you can get in touch with our friendly staff using any of the methods below

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