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Sak Yant tattoos, with their intricate designs and profound meanings, have long been an essential part of Thai culture and spirituality

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Among these, the Yant Prachao Sibhok Phraong, written in Thai as ยันต์พระเจ้าสิบหกพระองค์, stands out with its depiction of sixteen revered deities, encapsulating their divine essence and blessings


The design intricately showcases the sixteen deities, each carrying its unique symbolism, representing virtues, protection, and spiritual guidance

As you observes the tattoo, it’s not just about the aesthetic appeal but about the deep-rooted stories, myths, and teachings associated with each deity, creating a tapestry of tales and beliefs


The Yant Prachao Sibhok Phraong is steeped in Thai history, drawing from ancient scriptures and folklore

Historically, these sixteen deities have been invoked during times of adversity and celebrations alike, providing solace, strength, and blessings to the devout

By tattooing them in the form of a Sak Yant, the wearer not only adorns their body with art but also with centuries of cultural heritage and spiritual wisdom


Choosing the Yant Prachao Sibhok Phraong is about aligning yourself with the collective energies and blessings of the sixteen deities

From spiritual guidance, protection from malevolent forces, to material prosperity and well-being, the tattoo acts as a conduit, channeling the diverse blessings of the deities to the wearer


  1. Phra Narai (Vishnu): Represents preservation and protection. He ensures the order of the universe and is often depicted riding the Garuda.
  2. Phra Isuan (Shiva): Symbolizes destruction and rebirth. He is responsible for the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth.
  3. Phra Phrom (Brahma): Represents creation and is often depicted with four faces, symbolizing his omnipresence.
  4. Phra Metta (Maitreya): The future Buddha, symbolizing hope, kindness, and the future enlightenment of humanity.
  5. Phra Songachai: God of wealth and prosperity, often invoked by those seeking success in business and material wealth.
  6. Phra Hanuman: A symbol of loyalty, courage, and strength. As a devoted follower of Rama, he represents unwavering faith.
  7. Phra Rahu: Represents the unseen forces in the universe and is often invoked for protection against unknown threats.
  8. Phra Ketu: Complementary to Rahu, representing the shadow forces and karmic retribution.
  9. Phra Thao Wessuwan: Guardian of the northern direction and a symbol of protection, especially against demons and negative spirits.
  10. Phra Pirap: Represents knowledge, wisdom, and the arts. He is invoked by scholars and artists alike.
  11. Phra Indra: The god of the heavens, representing leadership, bravery, and guardianship against evil.
  12. Phra Kanes (Ganesha): The elephant-headed god, symbolizing wisdom, success, and removal of obstacles.
  13. Phra Laksana (Lakshmi): Goddess of wealth, fortune, and beauty. She brings prosperity and good luck.
  14. Phra Umadevi: Represents fertility, love, and devotion. Often invoked for family blessings and harmonious relationships.
  15. Phra Aditya: The sun god, representing light, energy, and life’s vitality.
  16. Phra Chandra: The moon god, symbolizing emotions, intuition, and the cyclical nature of life.

Each deity in the Yant Prachao Sibhok Phraong embodies these attributes and, when combined, provides a comprehensive set of blessings, protections, and spiritual guidance to the person who wears it on themselves


Integral to the Yant Prachao Sibhok Phraong is the Khom script, a spiritually charged script tracing its roots to the ancient Brahmi script of India

In the context of this design, the Khom script accentuates its divine resonance

While traditional reading of the script might pose challenges given its unique composition, the spiritual meanings it encompasses have been passed down through generations of Sak Yant Masters

This means that while we can’t tell you what it “says” we are able to explain the meaning behind them being there


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